15 Replies to “保儸上完報上網 :)”

  1. Hi Ooi, congratulation on appear in China Press !

    However, I advise you to do something to protect your google adsense account, there are many people in Malaysia (sadly , it is true) too free and keep sabotage people by clicking the google adsense ads.

    After your ads published today, I believe more people will do that.

    You can try go to http://www.adlogger.org and learn more about this tool to prevent fraud clicks.

    I have used it for my 5 websites and it works well, especially I have a website which have 1,300 unique visitors per day, I done it and monitor that most of the “bad visitors” who like to keep clicking actually are from Malaysia. So better you arm yourself.


    p.s. you are welcomed to email me 🙂


  2. hi paul, I saw the write-up about your return from google adsense.
    Just wondering, after how long you gotten your return?
    I have my personal blog as well, just do not know how to add in this new function. Pls help!

  3. TO 黃琮正,



  4. Hi James, Thanks for the advice. The real website making $ is not at http://www.paulooi.com, no worries 😉

    Hi Cammy, I started my blog 2 years ago, got my cheque after 8 months started adsense. It will take some time, and you will get it once you place the adsense at the right place.



  5. 你好!!自从看了你在中国报的报道过后!!才知道有absence!可是我申请的时候遇到很多困难的!一开始的contact information我把country or terrirory改成malaysia过后的下面呀叫我写street address要怎么写??我还没有写完地址的时候他就不让我写了!!像我的地址是no.2 jalan cempaka 9 taman layang-layang 81850 layang-layang ,kluang, johor!!province是写什么的??

  6. to MOMO,

    street address:只需填jalan 跟lot或kampung之類的,你不能全部整個地址都打在street 上面.province是州屬.

    TO PAUL,

  7. 当0我申请了过后,我去我的信箱进了他给我的网址过后,我重新上adsence的网站,当我打入email和password的时候,它却说an adsence account does not exist for this login,as you application is currently in review.这是怎么回事??

  8. Just saw your face on the newspaper when I’m flipping those old newspaper finding my TheStar for some project. Was so shock as I’m not sure whether if it’s really you, but am sure later after seeing your URL. Too bad, I can’t read chinese – what was it all about after all?

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