actually my point of view in buying a camera is always changing time by time becaue of more info that i read

as a conclusion , i know admit that i am a laziness

what i need about a camera should be …..

a)can attached to tv with clear image(high megapixel)

b)1 lens 1 world (hard to do in DSLR cause macro , tele and wide canot be togther)

c) image stablizer (laziness seldom bring tripod)

d) not for commercial , just fun n hobby

e) as few equipment as possible , easy to travel around , can even leave in car

f) twisted LCD ,(i like to take picture from low angle)

g) no need to clean the ccd (dust)

h) at lesat 2.5″LCD (i hate 2.0″ for no reason)

i might be buying Panasonic DMC-FZ50 (only prosumer , not DSLR) because

i) it meet all the requirement above except the last

ii) not that expensive , so that i can use it like a mad dog , not need to be worry about stolen , getting wet , broken ….etc……

What i really worry about is the image quality . I believe that FZ50 is good but “should be ” uncomparable with DLSR entry level…..BTW , FZ50 is using Leica with a ED lens

i need to decide after the photokina , hoping that there is a camera fullfill all my requirements…..the SD14 from sigma should be my last hope ……

Below are DSLR entry that i review off (body below RM4000)
olympus E-330 ‘s twistable LCD
d80 ‘s kit lens(27-202mm [equi 35mm] with a ED ) is awesome , almost meet my 1 len 1 world
sony a100 anti shaking is good and free
400d <==can't find it's unique sigma forveon 3 ccd is the best in ccd , still waiting for the SD14 at 26-9 Germany

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  1. I am using the FZ30. For a person who has about the same requirement like yours / I am not too keen on photography but yet I want good pictures, FZ30 does all the job. I am happy with the pictures taken too. Now, FZ50 is an upgrade version of mine, it would be even better.

    You can buy attachment (can buy telephoto lense and etc) to fix onto the FZ50 also. So, yeah, its good.

  2. as i mentioned :-
    I believe that FZ50 is good but “should be ” uncomparable with DLSR entry level…..

    have u compare it with D50 or other DSLR entry level ?
    the cop factor for FZ50 is 4.x while for nikon D50//70s/80/200 is only 1.5
    from the statistic , we now that will be different , but maybe i can accept the quality of FZ50

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