致 : 親愛的PAUL大哥

突然想到一個超級好的方法 , 知道你是開電話睡覺的的人 , 矮的不敢打擾你

首先我先”給”你RM2000-2500 , 然後你去買DSLR
因為東京消費實在太貴 , 我沒有能力同樣的時間丟錢在DSLR 和日本

這樣你11月就可以有budget去香港 , 加上有DSLR去香港 !!!!!
明年yellow monkey過年之後 , 你才慢慢的還給我
我到時候才買我的DSLR (為了你 , 我不介意等待 , 犧牲我寶貴的青春時間)
這樣我可以去日本玩的開心 , 你也可以去香港拍的開心

By 矮子


14 replies on “致 : 親愛的PAUL大哥”

is there any DLSR with IS , Anti Shake or VR?
for beginner like us , buying such function is the best
when any lens attach to the Anti Shake camera , the lens will become Anti Shake too
If the lens already have the AS function ……best best of the best best best

d80 , 2.5 LCD <==finally nikon upgrade their lcd size , i love this also with 23K brightness price won't more than rm5500(standard kits lens) <==price from US website it's spec better than d70S but a bit weaker than d200

just now wnet 1 utama tested d50 70s and 350
only 70s can be bought
d70s standard kit lens + battery + 1gb card = 3788
e350 stand kit lens + 70-300mm(free) = 3399
d50 i no ask
d200 = i think 5999

but according to here , d80(body) only roughy rm 3490!!!!!!!!

you can “edit” pictues on the camera itself …….zha lan dou
i m loving it !!!!!

so far the bad things i found on this monster is it body
it ‘s made from plastic (look cheap and unprofessional , toys feel)
but maybe because of that , it can stand for 0-40C ……..

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