a)我目前使用着的是rm77 -512kb
b)我申请upgrade的是rm77 – 1MB (Festive Package, due 31st Dec)

他很友善地通知我 :
“Kami sudah upgrade account kamu ke rm99 – 1MB”

WTF???? I’ve queued for 3 hours that day, triple confirm with more 3 diff people at the service center (including payment,consultant…), the conclusion is that – I CAN UPGRADE TO THE “FESTIVE PACKAGE” WITHOUT TERMINATING MY CURRENT ACCOUNT/ USING MY CURRENT ACCOUNT!!

With the copy of the application form on my hand, of cos I put my foot down, I want rm77 – 1MB, and dont even thinking of persuading me to go back and “check with them”!!
After 1/2 of arguments…..(late for work, fxxk!!!)

他一点点不爽地通知我 :
“OK, Sudah solve, upgrade to rm77 – 1MB”

To sum up, I wont believe in them and I’ll call to the number provided from TM center that day to double confirm my package!!! if still rm99, I’ll kick their ass!!
(haha, by how, die die still need to back to the center, fxxk :p)

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