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1 versus 5, many ball-less pricks out there

In the late hours of last nite my bro was in Zouk, KL, chillin’ out to some cool R&B Hip-Hop tunes. Little did he expect the ‘Ghetto Heaven’ theme nite to turn into reality when he had to defend himself against over 5 young punks displaying their misplaced sense of bravado and machoism.

The dickheads were somewhere in the range of 25 years old. My older bro, (turning 30 next month) was the gentleman when initially challenged – by only one of them there at first – to go out of the club to slug it out.

He refused knowing that it was not worth it – having been in bloody slug-fests before. Besides, he was there to party! (And also, there was this really cool babe he was chatting to. He rather have not left her).

However, this ugly motherfucker refused to quit. The kid left and in a matter of 5 minutes returned with his ‘homies’. My bro didn’t really count but was quite sure there were more than 5 dudes. (The bouncers confirmed this later).

Anyways, the punk returned with his young followers to take-on my bro (as he was just keying in this sweet young lady’s phone number). My Indian tai-lo didn’t think the events that were to follow actually would have happened.

But although being a peace-loving guy, he always stands-up for what is right and for his own rights as well.

Ok, lets get to the chase and relate the details of the fracas. In an attempt to have you ‘feel’ the actual environment, here’s what ensued.

The ringleader steps up to my bro with his friends behind and beside him. He nudges my bro, my bro pushes him away, fends off some wayward flying hands and then starts swinging like there’s no tomorrow. Damn, my bro kicked ass! (At least some other patrons nearby thought so when they shook his hand and saluted his courage as he left later on).

Those pricks got what was coming to them, definitely some major bruises from ‘em swinging punches.

A club staff , a waiter he thinks, grabbed on to my bro in an attempt to appease the situation. But little did the staff realised that he was not doing my bro any favours by holding onto him and allowing the attackers to get the better of my bro. Anyways, the well-intentioned but daft staff probably got a bruise as well when my bro ‘thanked the dude for his troubles’.

My bro, knowing only that he needed to do what he had to be done to protect himself, from being seriously hurt, lifted the little Zouk table (upstairs at the Recharge corner) and fended of some attackers.

There was one the young fucks who got him from the back which led my bro to pick up whatever bottles (now lying on the floor) to fight against the uneven odds.

Anyways, to cut a short story short :), my bro came out of the incident only sightly bruised – his body and ego definitely intact – with justice served and with a highly probable date on Saturday nite with this intelligent, gorgeous woman.

He would like to thanks some of the Zouk bouncers and Raj – initially a stranger – all of whom were outside the club later and ensured my bro’s safety for the rest of the nite.

“You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you”
“None than a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear”

– both from Eric Hoffer (1902-1983) – an insightful writer with humble beginnings.

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dude, this is “kisah benar”/true story happened last week, I don’t write story la, u know I hate writing essay 😛

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