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今天早上,在要去香港的九天前,突然閒有了chicken pox。他媽的。。。誰比較痛苦?
一天三餐,milo + 白麵包,很快就減五公斤!

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haha… take care bro. maybe its good for you to rest home

i kena chicken pox just this year may 2006.

and i am 31 this year… never too old to kena… ha ha ha… you kena ordy king? careful lo… haha

eh, sorry dino, i booking the backup position oredi. and king, dont la laugh at poor paul… poor guy… he needs your support now… (and everybody please cross your fingers and hope i dont get it from him!!!!) ahyo… 🙂


dino,twilight,king和housemate自己付不起香港之旅嗎? 😛

dream on dream on, I throw the tickets into the deep blue sea also won’t give you backups mofo 😛

Dino, by the way I cannot pass my disease to housemate yet, else both of us will quarantine ourself, I will pass after my HK trip, so I can take good care of him

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