Sold D70

You will think I am rich is it? Bought a nearly RM4000 SLR Digital Camera not more than a month, then sell it off.

No, I am not… But I really don’t have time go out take “nice” photo, The camera is right on top of my guitar amp, see it every morning and every night. Whenever I see it, it make me feel unusual, why? because make a feel like wasting money, such an expensive camera is staying on the guitar amp every day, and then is not able to allocate time to take pictures, lot of works is tiring, would spend my free time to rest/sleeps.

But… okok la.. just made RM150 lost.. consider ok la.. don’t think about it la… 不想就没事.. I asked that fellow vote me in, say okokok… but now.. 1 month adi, still nothing.. anyways, today is 17th March, I post this because want to remember it!

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