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China Mama and China Daugther – Beware!

Look! Malaysian – Beware of China People in Malaysia. Ah, damn… sad story, this is another morale of the story. Read it on. Today, after finished lunch with my fellow colleague, I am heading to take ERL to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I’m about… let me count, I think is 10 foot step, will reach the counter and buy the ERL ticket. Suddently, there is one girl(UNKNOWN) stop me, the language slang from her mouth — Ya, China Girl.

Story goes here, she told me that she is short of cash and need money to fly back to Shang Hai, China. She shown me her passport, china identification card, company name card, fligh tickets to Hong Kong. The story is damn perfect, she told me money is finish using and her credit card already reach the limit. Beside that, she needs some cash from Hong Kong go to Shang Hai, and continue bla bla bla. Finally, the point is here, she wants to borrow RM150 from and she said will TT the money to me when she reach Shang Hai. She get my phone no, name card and everthing which she needs.

At first, of course I don’t believe. Then … “Da Ta!” Her mum show up, a very old woman, which is grandma type. Come to me and said “Young man, we need your help, we are really out of cash and hope you can give us a hand and allow us safely go back our homeland. haih, I am such a good person, the grandma explain til so…… ….. ….. then i take out RM150 and borrow them. Grandma said, once they arrive Shang Hai will give me a call. Let me know they arrive there safely and TT the money to me.

Ok, money on their hand, I am rushing to the ERL. While I am in the ERL, I took out the name card and find out what’s her email address, was thinking to send an email to her and remind her to return RM150 to me. OH MY GOD! FUCK, what the hell. Her email address! Wow, can you believe she works with I start to suspect is the domain available, since is not a _HOT_ domain everybody want. I made called to my colleague, ask them check is a recycling company(Her name card wrote that is a recycling company). Hahaha.. what is ASIA.COM? Check out your own, next I ask them to host the domain name see wether got MX mail server running or not. Yea, got, telnet to ASIA.COM port 110. Trying send an email to — USER UNKNOWN. Oh…. now I know…. Paul Ooi got cons by one China Mama and China Daugther!

The morale of the story,
– Act you do not know Mandarin when you see China people
– Do not simply give money to people, no matter with old grandma or what
– Ask China people go China Embassy if they need help!

Suck, RM150 gone! Am now in KLIA terminal, AirAsia delay the flight again. This is the 6th times I took AirAsia, 4 out of 6 times I experience with the delayed flight. What to do.. so cheap.. Wait lo.

Safely arrive home, good landing.

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Half Day

Took half day leave today, 5pm flight back to Alor Setar for “Cheng Beng” tomorrow. Everything is prepared for Sunday server migration. Config file, new ip address, DNS zone config and etc, everything is done. Hope can cut down the downtime during the migration of the servers! Yes, my flight is Sunday morning, when arrive KL, first thing is go to Data Center and move servers =(

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如果我是一个男人,要是将要成为我媳妇的女孩敢问我”我和你妈掉河里,你先救谁?” 我一准把她pass掉,这根本就不是人话!

拒绝灯红酒绿,不对异性过分热情。她有着良好的生活习惯,抽烟、饮酒、通宵达旦的宴饮狂欢都不会发生在她身上,她不会到酒吧、夜总会这样的地方消磨时间。 她知道自己的价值不是取悦异性,所以不会主动和别的男的搭讪,曲高和寡的才是阳春白雪。









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::: 7358 :::

I forgot to write it, Last Sunday, my car no. was on Magnum4d!!!! and 1 weeks ago, it was on Da Ma Cai, and today… Let me guess, Sportstoto? See, I am so good, give you all tips :p Why not try right? Da Ma Cai, Magnum4d, then today is Sportstoto lo, buy RM1 RM1 small la..

Paul-琮政 Life

Migration :: Hard

I bought a new server few months ago, the server has been using for development, testing on company works. After development, format, reinstalling. Finally everything is well configure, that’s why you are in :). There is a problem for me to shift my clients website from the old servers, hope they will forgive me for the minor, a very minor downtime and some issue on the webmail. Don’t you feel it’s fast when u surf my blog, Sogua’s blog, May’s blog and Ice Queen’s blog?? This what I paid for and to provide good services to you all 🙂 Migration work is really tough… Hope to get it done by end of this month, and… my works is back again.. My life is busy with work and joy(with my laptop).

Continue.. migration..