INDO Hacker? No No, Malaysian, PATCH YOUR SERVER

LoL, today… interesting day, 2 days ago USM website was “hacked” by Indonesia hackers.. “HACK”, please… uncle … don’t use the word “hack”. it’s deface on the website, how can it be happen… If you patch your server well…. Most of the website defaced by the so called hackers is using the SQL Injection method, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), JKR, Suhakam, KTAK, Perak Sultan, Perak Musuem and etc websites been defaced. Jeffooi’s blog reported it Live! Hahaha, while me and Sogua keep refreshing the page to look for more… after around 30mins, no more updates from JeffOoi, so me and sogua decide enter the so called hackers channel to “spy” which is the next target… …. …. … … … … … … … … … I really kek sim with those fellow, decided to do a trace and inform the website owner about the defaces.. First I made a call to webmaster..
me : “Hello, issit Can I speak to xxx xxx xxxx?” : “yes, may i know who’s on the line, xxx xxx xxx is engage..”
me : “Oh, issit… I am Paul from Malaysiakini…” : “from MALAYSIAKINI??? … .. < > oh yes, hold on… xxxx xxx is coming”
me : “ok..”
xxx xxx xxx: “hello, yes?”
me : “sir, would like to inform you, your site being deface by some hackers”
xxx xxx xxx “???? okok.. thank” … tuu.. tuuuu tuuu

LoL, what is this… thank you also didn’t say.. haih… why be so kind to calling them? continue do work.. chiu… 好心没好报

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