A little bit free time now

A lot of projects this month, finally… everything seem going to complete. Wondering why all come in one time, and all done at the same time, the timing really make me sick. But, nevermind, at least now I have some free time to prepare Malaysia PHP User Group next meet up. I think the meet up date has to change to other day, this is due to servers migration on next weekend.

Feel so so so sorry to Kumaran, left his brand new laptop for 1 week and I still haven’t configure the stuff he wanted. Going to do it later and bring back to Serdang for him. Was thinking any old friend stay in Serdang? yes… Lee Wei Nen, try to call him dinner tonight.

Uglymen.net, local chinese rock band! Going to write a simple CMS system for them to update latest news……

and there is another project coming on board, will meet that person in this week? Hope he is free to meet up!

For my blogs, try to come out joke of the day. Not everyday, may be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday? Good idea? hehehee… o.k, running out of time, better do something!

Sogua, B2’s blog looks nice. TwinsMum want to see Sogua’s pictures? I think you visited my online photo album, and this is Sogua


  1. yah, saw SoGua’s face and your face liao, but can’t show my face, twinsdad not allow, I don’t know either too urgly afraid 吓死人, or too pretty also 吓死人.

  2. u should sing the song happy day…..
    hmmm…yesterday juz notice uglymen’s website from mmo website..

  3. Why your RSS not working one? It says Feed is not a registered protocol. Can check ah? Wanna put it into my feedreader lah!

    twinsmom – hmmm, i think becoz too pretty liao. :bpbpb

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