Click with TMNut, Malaysia Premier Internet Service Provider

My previous mandarin post is about TMNut, previously slow again on 12 March 2005. Yesterday slow and route to international got problem. are they practising having problem or downtime once a month? LoL… what a TMNut service.


  1. So far no, as Telekom wanna monopoly malaysia market. Jaring came out with their wireless services, but only for certain area in Klang Valley.

  2. I wonder why nowadays the people who working in malaysiakini like to give fuckingoogleit website to others ? Why don’t they give people the website instead fo the fucking ?

    Are they dumb ? hahah I don’t know, Paul, you go to ask kuku ny or kuku chua!!!!

  3. wooo…. you people hoh mia (good life in hokkien) lo, my area still have no Boradband la. i am staying in Kepong. some of the area got. but mine…
    they said wo, i am staying 5.9km away from their server, and they only serve in 5KM Radius…..

    cham….. :o(

  4. tmnet is a fucking network !!!!!!! every day DC dc dc dc dc !!!!!!!!!!and snail speed !!! you call (100)!! every time his say checking checking checking checking checking!!check what!!! check your ass!!sucker!! I every month have pay !!you know!!!I WANT INTERNET !!!

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