My Workplace

While working in a company, we will be given a place to sit and do our work. Some people might like their place and some might not. For me, I am quiet ok with my place. I felt my workplace is full with rubbish, before I clean up and make it look neat, gotta take… Continue reading My Workplace

How we park

Nah, this is how the staff park the car in front of the office. Not just park ONE car, but THREE 🙂 So the Mr Satria who parked in front of our office yesterday, please do not simply park your car in private parking space 😛 Jam A picture I took last week, this is… Continue reading How we park

Paul Wong v Paul Gilbert

Finally, Paul Wong “official” website is loaded with details, I hope it always have the latest news, so the website doesn’t look redundant. After Beyond disband, long time didn’t heard about Paul Wong news, except he voice in the last Hong Kong concert, “I am going to quit”. I think is a waste if he… Continue reading Paul Wong v Paul Gilbert