Welcome back Bhushan?

In my dream, I heard my handphone ring. Maybe a friend wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. Oh no, it’s not a dream…my handphone is actually ringing – @ 5:45am! Who is calling me so early? ah… It’s Bhushan. Yea.. his flight’s at 7am so he must wanna wish me Happy Birthday before he flies off…

Paul: “Hello Bhushan, yes?”
Bhushan: “Paul, I have a problem here. I can’t return to Nepal….. bla bla bla”
Paul: “Huh??? Hah??? Huh???”

Due to some reason, Bhushan told me he can’t go back to Nepal. I was planning to continue sleeping…but I felt he needed my help… so, I drove to KLIA to offer him some help…

Ah.. pity this friend. It’s very important for him to return to Nepal as he has a lot planned for today in Nepal. He is sad and I am sad for him too.. .Cheer up bro, nvm… you can go home back this coming Tuesday, spend more time with us, and yea…you can join my birthday + gathering session tonight!

He is sad in the airport, all his plans need to be cancelled. (picture idea from sooktheng.com)

I am taking care of his bags while he goes to get his luggage back, which is on the plane.

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