Finished moving, it is time to arrange..

Tiring Saturday and Sunday, went out shop around to get stuff… Now, is time to figure out how to arrange my stuff..

Heh, room is a mess!

Another mess

Haha, bought myself a bookshelf

Just found out Astro decoder is stylish

Got to find a place to locate my guitar amp and gadgets

Da study room / wireless gateway

Kitchen! that’s some junk food

Dining / my current work place

housmate working place.. huhu

tennis court view from my room

Got to fix the water filter!


  1. haiya… u put pics of the apartment on your blog , of course people wanna break in lah… that’s y you triple lock the front door yesterday is it…?

    anyways… jason, mike, anytime u dudes wanna drop by – especially to watch MU play – fell free.. cover charge is booze and babes…

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