Pensonic’s Friends Launched!

From my previous post, I mentioned I was busy with a project, which is now officially launch – Pensonic’s Friends interactive website. Check out our local talents, singers, DJs and Chef on Pensonic’s Friends website, have a chat with them, interact with them. Give them some support and know more about them.

Amber Chia, Sharifah Armani, Alan Yun, Steve Yap and etc.. Have fun with them!


  1. 1. Wanted to send a comment from the Pensonic site, but there is no feedback/webmaster button? Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

    2. For the videos, you should go for a better resolution/quality. It’s not like Pensonic can’t afford the bandwidth, and real fans will be willing to wait longer for better quality anyway.

  2. thank dude for the comments, new video is coming up.. stay tune. i will come out an contact form there.. so people can leave comment/problem. Thank

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