TM Net Streamyx Suck

Sometime, during surfing or doing work with TM Net Streamyx Broadband service, I will get the “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.” message. I think it’s TM Net Streamyx Proxy server error message, I have collected this print screen stupid message from few people. Seriously, the 8 million rebranding company, they don’t even serious in business, employ good people, get better hardware, but asting 8 million for painting, printing, advertising and etc.

Please read the error message again “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.”, you can’t see anything yet? Read again “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.” … or again “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.” .. then again.. “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.”

Can you see that? Their staff don’t even know how to spell “Temporary” and “resource”. Tell you what my “Temper Really Out Of Resources”, I wrote this, is because TMNut piss me off again, I wrote the previous Mac post yesterday, when I publish, it show me “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.”. So?? I got to type again.. Now I learn from the mistake, I type on Notepad! Then copy paste publish!

By the way, who the hell know what is tempoarily out of resourse? The proxy problem came up since 3 months ago, we called up and tell them, we want to talk to the technical support people, but the help line people always think they smart, and ask silly question.. “What browser you using?”, “Have you turn on cookie?”, “What modem your using?”, “Is your modem connected to the internet?”, end up, we are happily just hung up the phone, else it suck up our golden time.


  1. Here’s a suggestion. You know whenever there is a PC fair or any other events, Streamyx ad campaign will bound to be there. Those pissed at them can point finger at the promoters and shout ‘O oo O oo OOOOO!!!’, whatever sound baboon makes as we pass by them (even for a short while like Just Oooo Oooo). Eventually it will become a trend. OR wear a shirt that saying “I’m with Mr Sloth. Cousin of THE Monkeys ” or anything creative (with finger picture pointing at them) and stand right next to them throughout the event.

  2. wtf, tm net company don’t know doing what lan. do 1 installation say want wait 2 week. don’t know they do what. tm net worker so slow or tm net company cant do this installatin streamyx so small thing. haiz sad, why all malaysia government company so lan and know eat and sleep only meh?? haiz, maybe they just know sleep and eat only like piggy. i think they so ‘pity’. !@&%$##$%

  3. Here’s an idea… Since TMNet’s charges are according to its “promised” connection speeds (ie. RM88 for 1Mbps, RM68 for 512kbps, RM268 for 4Mbps); maybe there is a law somewhere that allows us to legally force TMNet to pay us for :

    1. False Advertising
    2. Reimbursement (since we are running on a lower speed, we should be paying in accordance to the lower speed’s rate).

    If there are any lawyers out there, please comment on whether it would be viable to do so.

    The way I see it, no one in TM Net will care until they are financially affected. While I agree that this is not a nice way to sort things out, it may be the only way. So far being nice and patient has led to deterioration of services : the connection speeds have gone from bad to worse; “cable disruptions” have been occuring more frequently; etc.

  4. yes its true that tmnet unable to service their streamyx well. I have been with streamyx since their first launch in 2001 and based on my esperience the trouble point is completely on the attidue of the staffs from various levels including CEO, the management and the techical department.
    They have failed to observed the best solution to overcome the problem quick and smooth.

    They have a lot of resources including MMU expertise, engineers, computer programmers as well as outsiders backup yet unable to serve the nation as expected.

    Small business have been adviced by the goverment to utilize the internet services to further expand their business, but on the other hand the service provided is like Karak HighWay management style of services with non stop repairing since years till today.

    With frequent problems arised so far, the conclusion is the goverment inspiration will not be realised forever unless the services is put back on the right business track.

    Regular maintenance and repairing is good but too much or non stop repairing gave the impression that the staff, product or equipment are not competent for public use.

    Like me, i have no other means other than streamyx as my business is rely on the continous unlimited interent services. today there are many ISP available from broadband 3G and WIMAX but they have imposed limited monthly data transfers which made them only suitable for ordinary home user spending time for accesing email and little bit surfing only.

    From business point of view, streamyx model is the best tool to help SME’s as the rates is fair and no data cap imposed.

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