First Mambo Content Management System Training

SEACEM a helds a Mambo Content Management System Training last Thursday. The training is was specially for Non-Government(al) Organisations in Malaysia.

Su(r)pricsingly, a lot people turn(ed) up to for the Mambo Content Management System Training and they are were very interested to migrate their website to a mini CMS Portal. I given gave the a very basic CMS introduction and Mambo Content Management System administration and hope more people turn out up next time. Might be May giving give a Blogging Work Sshop or PHP for dummy talk. Let’s (see) how how is the respond se is 🙂

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  1. This would be a good time to start writing about how people respond to these sort of training. You already have a base, now it’s time to think about writing a whole article.

  2. What happened to your site? Looks abit cacat one. Hmm, by the way, somebody with the same name as you – Paul Ooi sent me an email, you know. Asking about Google Adsense. Email address is paul[at]takizo[dot]com

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