YOYO! Uglymen ROCKS!

I, on behalf of Uglymen special thank to people who support uglymen; – Lin taking the pictures. – Becky and friends from Klang – King and gf – People in Halo Cafe – Danny, want to come but no people accompany But not; – Chua and Max who FFK 😛 – Andrew Ong, for god… Continue reading YOYO! Uglymen ROCKS!

Hard to understand

Sometime, it’s very hard to understand understanding. Sometime, it’s very tiring to understand. Sometime, it’s much more complicated than programming Sometime, it’s very hard to debug Sometime, you can’t even find the bugs Sometime, log files didn’t show you the error message Sometime, you want to reboot Sometime, you want to hibernate In most time,… Continue reading Hard to understand

Uglymen Rocks Serdang!

So, me and Suan was worried about their gig is on Or not Saturday night. Suan, saw the pictures on previous post??? Hehehe… Sky Cleared 🙂 Rock and roll Saturday night. Uglymen on 8TV Homegrown 9th Sept 2005, after you finish Malaysian Idol @ 10:30pm, please don’t change channel, stay tune on the next program… Continue reading Uglymen Rocks Serdang!

Haze gone, hopefully

Tonight I can cleary see KL Tower and Genting from the balcony. Finally, the haze is gone, hope it will be a shinning day tomorrow.