Hula Leh! Tired today

Weather is good
Today, everybody feel sleepy, it’s because of the rain? Nice weather to sleep on the bed, my housemate is sick, hope he slept well 😉 and I also hope I am not to sleep on the bed.. Work is tiring.

Blogger no freedome?

Have you read the news from newspaper lately? Few bloggers are charged due to racist content on the internet. Now… It’s unsafe to blog anymore, why? May be I may get sue by TMNut someday because kutuk them all the time, change their net to nuts logo. But I got no fear, because your services is really SUCK. Back to the freedome of blogger, does that mean NO BLOGGER FREEDOME sign is popping up now? Anyways, I gonna blog less, concentrate on my teacher – Chan Boon Heng’s website.

New Wireless Router
I got new Netgear wireless(b,g) router today. Now my place have better coverage, in my room as well. Before that I was using D-Link(wifi-b), the signal wasn’t that strong, another housemate complaining his room got no signal. But I think now the signal reach his room.

So Monday is gone, Tuesday then Friday.. Time pass.. Very Fast!

Tweety Bird took picture: That botak is no longer botak anymore

Tweety Bird took picture: Hey, this pic is good prove to our boss we are not jumping, WE ARE WORKING. But the person hold the camera leh?? 😛

New wireless routhe, cool huh? 🙂

It rocks!

I like to look at the night view from my room before I sleep…

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