FAILED: Learn to park your car

I wonder how this fellow got him license. I never see people park the car _on_ the road, not on the side of the road.. He has taken half of he lane…..

From this view.. Look like “okay”, you can’t see his car is blocking other car to pass by.

Thank Sam for editing the picture

Ignore the Perdana, he just buying something


  1. eh? i don seem to understand the pictures u posted, half the lane? hmmm the 3rd pic look like he park in a very good position? hahah…all rite i really dono..kakakska…me driving very suck too…

  2. Jason, here come the silent man, Mr Lay Geng, usually he parks his car 9-5.. if you say sekejap.. LoL.. and further more his car kena people bang before because of his _nice_ parking style.. 😛

    Arif, you are absolutely right 🙂

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