MSN Messenger Virus

Desperate to view a chick personal profile? Do you believe cyber chicks? Hehehe, be realistic my friend, in the end what you get is a virus 😛 I got a virus message from my friend in MSN. With the cachy messsage “Wow, this is you ?” When you click on the link, which is the time the website will inject the virus into your PC.

I remember last time i also got a cache message, “View my picture”, some smart ass change the msnid to a girl contact to get the _Picture_…. It’s like Hitz.FM gotcha.. “Gotcha my virus” 😛

Hehehe, beware in the cyberworld! May be the girl you always chat with is a guy 😛

Google supports Open Source

Google is giving support to open source project. Google summer of code support nmap, ubuntu, drupal, horde, asterisk, apache and MORE.

Together with these partners, we chose 400 students from 49 countries to take part – and this from a pool of 8,744 applicants, so clearly there’s no shortage of talent. We contributed nearly $2 million to this effort via $4,500 grants to each of the participants (and a $500 donation per student to the participating organizations).

Nmap’s lead developer, Fyodor Vaskovich, told us that Summer of Code developers “made major improvements to the Nmap Security Scanner, including a more powerful graphical interface and a next-generation remote operating system detection framework.” To that we say: excellent. Here’s a partial list of participants and projects, and we even threw together a map so people can see how global this program was.

Read full story from Google blog, posted by Chris DiBona, Open Source Program Manager .


少女来到一间屋前,慢慢的踱了进去!她没想到屋里会有人, 但在屋里的却是一个50多岁的老男人。 她听到身后轻轻的关门声,然后那老男人的脚步声就慢慢向她靠近。隔壁传来一个女人断续的呻吟声,在这种地方,经过走廊时,随便哪个房内都会不时传出男人和女人们发出的这种令人起鸡皮疙瘩的呻吟。          



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