MyOSS Meetup

What is happening tonight? Join us at Malaysia Open Source Software group meet up, and it only happen once a month, futhermore it’s free of charge, no food serve but you can join us for buka puasa before the meet up start. Oh ya.. we serve tea 🙂

What’s up for this month meet up?
– Podcasting: Part Deux By Linus Lai
– Security Enhanced Linux/SELinux By Chong Tsewai

Where is the meet up held?
48, Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar Utama
59000 Kuala Lumpur

When? What time the meet up start?
It’s today, 7th Oct 2005 from 7pm until midnight……….. 😛 Joking, mostly ended @ 9-9:30pm

What can I do if I could’t find the place
Call 999 ask for help 😛 You can reach me @ 012-4546360

See you all tonight!







今年很多人参加Hack In The Box研讨会。



FTEC Laptop – SUCK

My friend, who bought a FTEC laptop 2 months ago, right after he bought the laptop, the screen screwed up. Yes.. Right after mean after he took out from the box and power on.

So, he went to change a new one and plan to resell online. After the changed, he never open up from the box, until yesterday.. He decided not to sell because can’t get a good buyer, and today.. What happened? New model, out from the box, the screen screwed up again!

LoL.. FTEC, Amber Chia endorse, oh yaa.. My friend bought the laptop because of Amber Chia is FTEC endorsee, he love Amber Chia… then now his wallet screwed up 😛

FTEC also awarded Malaysia Super Brand product.. Haha.. I think Malaysia Super Brand council has to reconsider the award, else I am wondering how the Super Brand Council measure the so called _Super Brand_ products.

If you ever think of buy FTEC laptops/products, please think twice before you throw the money. I recommend you buy IBM/Powerbook/iBook! 😛 I do recommend my friend that, but he is so in love with Amber..

Windows Update hacked!

I have (A) few of my friend(s) asked me why they can’t couldn’t update their Windows XP Professional. I think that they didn’t know windows has launched their so called _Piracy Check_ on your windows original license before you performance any windows update. I assume they don’t use ori, and suggest them they to switch (to) OSS 🙂

So, how good is (does) the _Piracy Check_ thingy works? I think is kind of bad, because you still can perform update(s) with the latest hacking tool named “Internet Explorer 6”. You don’t believe you can hack with “Internet Explorer”?

How to do that? Just one step..

When you landed (on) windows update page, before you hit the “Express” or “Custom” button, paste the code “javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck=’all’)” on you address bar. After that, click on Express or Custom to update your Windows… (click to enlarge the image)