Where is rakyat RM0.33 Billion?

It has been 2 weeks after the petrol price hike on 27th February. So now the question is where is the RM0.33 billion? You may ask what is the RM0.33 billion.

Our government said subsidy and tax exemption borne by the government this year alone – from January to February 2006 – was RM1.19 billion and RM1.44 billion respectively. So after 2weeks, which mean 1/4 of the month(It should be 2/4 of the month, but no different). 1/4 of the RM1.44 billion would be RM0.33 billion, so where is the RM0.33 billion goes?

Do you guys see any improvement on the public transport? OR any action taken by our government to Rakyat Malaysia? I only see my petrol and food become more expensive.

There will be a massive protest going on today 2pm in KLCC. If you are there, write a big board and ask where is the first RM0.33 billion now. 😉


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