Malaysian Income Analysis

A forwarded email, which makes sense to me 🙂 After thinking about it, maybe I move back to Alor Setar better 😀

I’ll try to do some calculations here. In Malaysia the average family income is RM3000 (Father works, mother doesnt). I understand there are a lot of families whose income don’t reach RM3000, but, to make things simple, lets take RM3000 as the figure. ok la right?

Okay, let’s start rolling with a family which has Papa, Mama, 1 daughter and 1 son. ngam ngam..

Calculation starts…

Electricity and water bil RM100 (no aircond, no home theatre, no water heater k?)
Telekom and Handphone bil RM100 (cannot make a lot of calls one you know? NO Streamyx also)
Meal for the whole happy family RM775 (3 meals on RM25/day, RM25 for 4 persons????)
Papa makan/teh tarik during working hours RM155 (RM5/day, RM5 can eat what?)
Car repayment RM400 (a proton saga aeroback, 7 years repayment)
Petrol RM500 (Living in City, Jam)
Tol RM100 (The LDP, Sprint, Cheras Penchala link and etc)
Insurance RM450
House repayment RM750 (NOT really a HOUSE u know? 750sqt Apartment only!!)
Tuition RM80 (got that cheap meh?? No, I don’t think so)
Older children pocket money @ school RM20 (RM1/day, eat bread??)
School fees RM30 (enough ah??)
Younger children milk powder RM50 (cannot have the DHA, BHA, PHA one, expensive)
Miscellaneous RM100 (shampoo, rice, sauce, toilet paper)

oh wait!!! I have to stop here, so… No Astro, no movie @ cinema, no DVD, no CD, no online, cannot KFC, cannot Mc Donald, cannot go Park walk during weekend(petrol expensive), no chit chat on phone with grandparents, and etc…

Let’s use a calculator to total up… WALAO EI.. Shit! RM3610 already.. -RM610… How to survive laa tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian??? Our Deputy Prime Minister ask us to change lifestyle? How to change? Don’t eat? Don’t work? Don’t send children to school and study? Besides that, I believe in Malaysia population, there are millions of Rakyat Malaysia which still don’t earn RM3000/month!!!

What is this? Ini lah Malaysia Boleh.. Sorry.. it should be Malaysians Boleh, because we’re still alive and kicking!


家裏的水電=RM 100 (注意:不能有冷氣、有熱水花撒、電腦、音響的)
家庭式電話:RM 50(不可以亂打哦)
家裏每月的吃費:RM 600(每天 RM 20,三餐)
父親的用費:RM 400(外面工作的需要,如吃、用)
車期:RM 300
車油:RM 400(城市)
屋期:RM 600(還只是組屋的那種)
保險:RM 450
小孩的零用(讀書的) :RM 30(每天RM 1,在學校吃什麽?麵包?)
補習:RM 50(有這樣便宜嗎?)
1嵗小孩的奶粉飛(每月):RM 50(還可以吧?)
一共:RM 3130
還要倒貼 Rm 130…..
油錢起了又起!?(2000年 RM1.20、2003 RM1.35、2005 RM 1.62、2006 RM 1.92
Malaysia Boleh, Malaysian Boleh!!!


  1. Interesting calculation.. some of the figures are over calculated but in general RM3000 household income in KL area is only enough to survive and definitely not enough to live comfortably.

    That’s probably why most KL parents both have to go to work..

  2. hmm…i get a little bit over the average RM 3k salary, and i live alone (no family, though i do send money to my parents even though they don’t need it) and i think i’m still alright…

    RM 3k is good enough in kuching, sarawak…if you don’t have a family that is. there’s even leftovers at the end of the month to save even if you live a fairly expensive lifestyle.

  3. aiyo , 因為肥版就快要結婚了 , 所以他才算的 …..
    要不然就是被女朋友催結婚 , 他拿這個為不要結婚的藉口….


  4. That’s just so true in Malaysia. And worst of all, more issues might be building up when covered by more ‘important’ issues starting to happen. sigh..

  5. Paul, you’ve hit the nail right on its head brother!

    It’s Malaysians that make the country survive and not the freaking administratives of the country. But then again, who chooses the government?

    Are we forced to live as singles in order to have food to eat and a roof over our heads? Or, if we do decide to get married and have kids are both parents forced to work long and hard while being forced to neglect their children?

    Those in government dont give a shit about u and me. But malaysians still vote them in. Our ministers, datuks, datins, they dont pay for gas with their own hard-earned money. they dont have to spend time at the office till late at night. they live comfortably on housing paid for by tax-payers…

    ok,i could go on and on… but dont wanna write a novel on the drawbacks in the country… (its very easy to do tho’)…

  6. u dot think the numbers are too much, in fact some are under the average too, telephone bills comes up to only RM100? posible meh? i think house phone alone already RM60- 70

    you did forgot 1 essential one, that is the pocket money for the children, these days children are getting a lot more than what we used to get back then, they are getting RM20 – RM30 per day, since they spent almost the whole day outside. School classes and tuition. We used to get RM1.5 to RM2 back then, 10 years ago.

    Then the average fees which goes with the car, that parking fees. Average 4 – 8 ringgit perday or those RM120 per month. Or RM5 – 8 for a trip to KLCC.

    And lastly, trip to Carrefour for all the daily necessity, like soap, shampoo, bread, jam, butter, detergent, softener, coffee, tea, milo, sugar, salt, oil, kicap …

    Yeah – the BN decision is going to change Malaysians lifestyle, we are told to tone down our lifestyle – that is if we have a lifestyle, see the above mentioned stuff and the ones i mention, these are just the basic, tone down? tone down to what? toning down to nothing?

  7. Except that urban family income is definitely > RM 3000/month – income
    would be at least RM2k/person in urban city centers.

    As far as the petroleum prices go, the prices all around the world are
    increasing … there’s very little our government can do except to
    swallow the difference, and to meet the deficit, they will be forced to
    increase our taxes and other forms of government income. The government
    must, however, promise that if the oil prices worldwide drop, then the
    price must drop in Malaysia too.

    Of course, I’m not saying that there isn’t some form of financial
    mismanagement in the government. We should certainly hold them
    accountable for it. However, complaining about the petroleum prices
    won’t help in advancing the agenda of holding them accountable.

  8. the freakin gov has surrounded us ; nowhere to fucking run now. not even in a kampung you can survive.. basically we are fucked up beyond belief..
    thanks to all the fucked up ministers we have ….. i still havent figured out how to change my lifestyle .. there is only one option left.. DIE!!!

  9. The government must, however, promise that if the oil prices worldwide
    drop, then the price must drop in Malaysia too.

    i love above 🙂

    paul , can you increase/change the latest comments display ? 10 only not enough ……show all comments day by day is da best

  10. money is not everything but everything is money is really true..
    but serious y parents can support one whole family with 3k but as children nowadys who have worked sometimes can’t even support himself/herself?
    i have a principle which is when u know how to spend u will find ways to find more excuse to let myself spending 😉
    anyway,to spend is just a glance but to earn really takes time,so must always spend wisely!!!

  11. bite the bullet ……but then the bullet now also already mahal one lor ….rm 14.50 for a 50 grain 5.56mm Nato round…oi vey

  12. agree. all ministers got:

    RM9500 for a basic salary
    RM21000 for allowance

    i’m not saying it beyond the facts, i’m saying it because i’m working in one of our YB’s office in ministry of blabla.

    that salary above is for a minister, deputy minister got less rm2000 from minister, and parliament secretary got less rm2000 from deputy. that a salary for MINISTER. if minister in the ministry got RM30500 PER MONTH (and guess what, they got a pardana car, got house, petrol filled by ministry’s money, got gardener, got driver, got astro, got air-conditioner blabla, all paid by government). in easy way, its free. so, they got RM30500 per month without having to pay all the utilities bill. this is true dear malaysian. TPM? TPM? i think they earned rm40k until rm50k per month. the reason why villagers doesn’t know that minister earn so much because, they doesn’t know that ALLOWANCE EXISTS! they only know about basic salary only.

    when malaysia was in mahathir’s era, even mahathir is also bullshit, but he gives subsidi to that fuel. although oil price goes up in his era. he can make penang bridge, can make klcc, can make proton, can make PLUS, can build petronas, can build putrajaya, KLCC, but what happen when dollah being PM?

    if the allowance cuts from all minister, deputy, supar, or from all ahli parlimen yang bullshit (doesnt matter if he/she were BN, PAS, DAP, malay, chinese, indian. please note that govt have chinese and indian also, not just malay whatsoever,), and they paid their house using their own salary, paid their utilities bill, petrol, buy their own car without using govt money, they can save until rm14billion per year. 14billion my friends. those money can make the petrol price for only rm1.23 per litre

    they want to collect back roadtax from motorcycle below 150cc? go on, but please make the petrol for only rm1.20 per liter macam dulu duluuuu

    i hope that our beloved PM read this website. to the webmaster, please send your url to PM using SMS to his hp :))

    rm50k per month, even if he have to pay a petrol using his own money got from his monthly salary, he doesn’t know how hard for a rakyat have to pay rm1.92 sen per litre right now

  13. 1) The rich don’t have to change lifestyle. (remain happy)

    2) The well earning group maybe have to cut Astro and streamyx. (ok-lah, not much complain)

    3) The medium earning group have to downgrade to motocycle to work. (life is dull)

    4) The lower income group have to ask their children to work. (life sucks)

    5) The poor ones have to pick pockets, cheat, steal, turn to postitution, become a victim of fast earning schemes, rob the bank, kidnap, anything that can make money you name it. (living in hell)

    What the percentage of citizen that falls into group (4) & (5)? Has the government analyse and thought deep enough before implementing such measures that will impact these groups of citizens the most?

    Is that the only way for the gov to save money? To me, that is the easiest way out for the gov, but the hardest way for the citizen.


    Fuel in Malaysia will one day run out – true.
    Save the money to do better developments – good vision but what developments, transparency? Do they ever have any proper plan?

    What’s the breakdown of the RM4bil in developments?
    How much for public transport? How much for oil exploration? How much for education? Plan? Transparency?

    While the gov is taking their sweet time planning and putting into action, may it will take 5 years to realise a better transportation system? What happen to the poor rakyat between now and 5 years later? By that time maybe there will be more poverty, more thiefs, more unhealthy activies?

  14. You’re a funny fellow for a ‘sad citizen’ but you made a lot of valid points dude. Keep asking these questions bro…

  15. nice and reliastic analysis….
    well..I had once worked with the ministry of health, posted in a small pekan…I was getting around RM3000+….I had a kembara(fully pay out with cash I grabbed elsewhere), rented a house(RM350), with a wife and newborn kiddo…also with an astro…I was living a comfortable life and could save few hundrend of RM only…when I was expecting my second child and going for a training post in KL(cut in salary as the post was training in nature) I found that I could barely afford a family of 4 in KL… I cabut to luar negeri…..

    I wander how much should one make to buy a benz in Malaysia…..?

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