TMNet Streamyx Poor Service

I received an email from my reader. He wanted to voice out how poor/bad/terrible TMNet Support center is. This is my help for him, by publishing his email to me.

Again, I am tired of making complain to TMNet too, recently I have problem with TMNet Hotspot, called them, they asked me to restart the router. I told them DHCP problem, cannot assign IP Address to me, they ask me restart router. Then I know the support people is a dumbass, they don’t know what is DHCP, they only thing they know is “restart router”. Wasted my time talking to him and to her(I called 3 times, 3 diffferent people, giving me the same solution). Can you see how lame the support people are?

It’s TMNet Hotspot, how you want me to restart the router? Furthermore a lot of places provide TMNet Hotspot are having the same problem, it’s impposible all the router have the same problem right? If it’s then it shows TMNet use a very very low end and poor quality hardware to cons subscribers money. Why Timenet can provide free wireless but TM can’t? It’s a shame, for a Malaysia giant/premier telco company.

After all, I think it’s staff attitude problem, not company problem. Not all Telekom Malaysia’s staffs have bad attitude, but most of them are.

Since i subscribe streamx, it has been always disconnect…..especially when i am back from work. So what for i pay for the bill since i cant use it when I need it???i subscride stramyx is because of 24hours service… but what i think now, all is just a big lie to all the Malaysian.

Then when i ever i meet the disconnect problem, i called them. But the problem is nobody is picking up the phone. they said their service is 24 hours.But WHY nobody picking up the phone. So, i wondering wether they are sleeping o what!!! So this kind of service they provide to the customer.

After i cant get from the streamyx, so i called up for the dial up 1515. i did that because they are same company, and they get the salary from the same boss. But what i get from them is a rude manner. they js convert my call to the streamyx department which there is nobody picking up the phone. So i straight complain to them and i asked the officer talk to me. So a operator admit her as one of the officer. She told that her name is “Nazami”. But the way she speak to me is very and extreamly rude. she is bang my phone and straight convert to the streamyx department. So i fed up and i called her again. Then she just go on scolded at me. Come on, is this service they given. I am not her husband or boy friend tat i need to stand her. Instead i am a customer, and customer is always right!!!!then i called again another guy picking up the phone, the guy had apologized to me. But what i want now is the girl apologize to me because of her rude and suck manner!!!

I was already sad that day because of the disconnection and i couldnt contact my boy friend in
vietnam. and then i get that suck service. So it is really hurt and make me fed up. So if the girl is not going to apologize to me, i will not stop complaining. i may complain to the media. I know it is useless to complain to the streamyx. But the action should be taken and find the girl to apologize to me.

Actually, before i subscride it, i faced a lot of problem. For example the promotion is totally different from store to store. And what the agent told me that they just lik direct sales. But please Direct sale also has their system. And what a international company- TMNET is so unsystematic??? So there is a Question mark!!!!

If oneday, i really need the tmnet service, may be i been lock by somebody in my house, i want to seek help by usiing tmnet. What i can tell is i surely will be DIE!!!

So i think this is the kind of service they given !!!


  1. you all are stupid we re in malaysia with poor technolgy and you all want a technology like us and go to the damn countryla..i using a streamyx since 2004 512kb.i dont get any problem,maybe just 1 0r 2 problem no connection..but what im do,im off the pc and go sleep and tommorow connection up want to know why you get this problem because you e very stupid about computer…boost your connection,download big file,play online game,stupid configure your router and that is your problem…tm have one rak for put your the rage tm will give 10 gb* the rak have 10 user…so if 9 of 10 play online game,download stupid file,so what happen for the last user…so think about that

    if you want play online game,make sure no many user at a website..if have many user,try play..if slow dont play a game la..

    if u want download…dont using kazaa….or bit torent or anything..just using downloader at your window or mozilla..

    mayb you will not face dis problem like me

    if dont have a connection..make sure your networking is ok..your hub,cable,phone cable,splitter,or anything about pc

    at my place have i modem,1 hub,3 destop,1 laptop.

    from my wall socket will direct go to splitter,and i do a wiring because my computer at upstair,so from splitter will direct go to 1 small box..and from a small box go to modem and direct to im using 3 from 204 until now my connection is ok..512kb and sometimes i get 765kb…so dont have a prob about tm,,but the prob is u..asshole!!!!

  2. I cant connet my streamyx tis 2days, i called 100. But, the officer ask my go tho buy the disc to download which i can buy at any pc shop, he said. i dun know wat kind of disc he mentioned. Hei, is this their service? Ask us to buy something to download? Where is the sevice that they should provide? I m so sad when i heard that.

  3. Streamyx 封勒台灣博客來網路書店的刷卡系統網頁, 搞到我現在都不能上博客來網路書店刷卡買書, 呵~~~我剛開始還以為是這家台灣書店刷卡系統網頁封了我們的Streamyx IP, 我還打電話到台灣的這家網路書店查問, 他們說經過查詢, 根本就沒有可能封了馬來西亞的IP, 所以呢, 我就寫投訴信去Streamyx查問勒, 已經2天勒, TmNut沒有回我的信…呵~~~今天更離譜封勒台灣的線上金流服務我不能登入!!!!我不能用這個線上金流服務刷卡匯款給我的台灣朋友!!!!害我的台灣朋友先幫我付款買東西的錢, 我不能還他的錢, 搞到我有夠不好意思的!!!!

    為什麼我會覺得streamyx是封勒這2個台灣網站, 因為我用Jaring dial-up竟然可以登入這2個網頁….呵~~~而且我今天還跑去有用3G USB modem 上網的朋友家測試可不可以登入這2個網站, 用3G可以登入, 實在是太可笑勒!!!馬來西亞唯一一家的Fixed line TmNut Boardband竟然封勒這2個非常正常又不是什麼違法的網站!!

    我已經打算去買那個貴死人的3G USB modem 來上網, 偶寧可把錢給3G賺, 也不給TmNut賺!!怒!!!

  4. talk like you oredi used streamyx service 4 one decade…you subscribe to 512kb and telling dun hav any major…guess you not hardcore internet subscribe to 1mb get speed less then 512kb..even p2p service getting really bad..den you telling tm kenot support user when downloading or surfing the net in high you retard…you say downloading big files..forbidden..!!!..? wat a online games..!! forbidden..? subscribe internet 4 and go read news..shut a crap…we pay RM90 every month den cannot get the good service…zzz..even in outer country like japan you say..zzz…our 1mb price same for their 50mb service…dun talk easily if you dunno the other thinking about this stupid screamyx..piss off

  5. I second that I dont like HATE streamyx, if only there was a choice. looks like we all gotta just stick it in, and wait for 2015, thats when malaysia is supposedly having ultra speed broadband

  6. Please visit this website
    you just compare the price and the speed, you will find out, TMnut had suck our Money!!! and they are cheatting us!!!!!!!! i had been used tmnet since 6 yrs ago, recently i move to singapore. I had just applied a DSL line at here. while i’m applied the DSL, i feel like crying on it, I can’t believe the price are almost same as malaysia TMnut, but the speed is totally different. Somemore, TMnut is implement p2p blocking technology. you won’t believe how stable and fast is the speed in here. even u apply the cheaper package at here. and about the Tmnut Services support, 90% are totaly newbie. You really can’t imagina how noob they are while they were trying to solve you problem (i believe most of streamyx users had experiance this before). Now i really enjoy using internet at here, you can download 1GByte within 20mins(i’m using 8Mbps package), watching online movie , play online game within lagggingg….you can never experiance in malaysia if you are using Tmnut services.

  7. Yes agreed Streamyx is one big con. I too pay for the 1mb but never get 1mb. It is NEVER on 24/24 and actually is mostly off. When it is on – like today the service is poor – very slow.

    I complain and complain and complain – over two years but it is still the same.

  8. download at 33 kbps??????Fcuk(u can spell correctyLY)very slow a!!MALUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuu waste my money bro

  9. aiya~~ aper lah tmnet ni~~~
    babi pun menang tmnet lor~~~~
    abi betul lar TMnet ni~~`
    makan tahi babi lar~~~
    all noob worker~~
    noob Ceo~~`
    every month earn many money still dun want fix ur noob link~~~
    always make me disconnet for internet~~
    sad lar~~
    malaysia got tis noob thing~~
    la chi
    dunno how to sat lar~~~
    3month also cannot fix it“`
    mcb lar~~~~

  10. yo tmnet, if you guys just want ppl money just said so, don’t just hiding from problem saying streamyx is one of choice, but not soon or later there will be other vendor will provide us more power with this streamyx is suck SUCK like they dont care of customer. soon streamyx will not popular anymore. think about other user that ungry for internet. next time please don’t offer something more then 4mb connection if 1mb still cant be fix idiot streamyx we hate streamyx we hate streamyx never good from born the internet on 56kb lol, just closed the connection leave to other vendor who really care to customer.

  11. so just terminate streamyx la.. then using another services. lot of other services there maa.. hahaha.. just ‘mengutuk’ that why ur streamyx also ‘sulking’ to u.. hahaha..
    ‘never got problem since subcribe it’ just 512k mcm2 ada maaa 😉

  12. ALl this problemis due to one thing. TM has the say and the monopoly of the market. So if you don’t like it don’t use it type of attitude. Jus look at our MAS. they are lossing money while other is making tons. I think that sum it all.
    TO them it is like — why worry. It is government run company mah! anything happened, the Government will picks up all the shit lah.

  13. i am also the victim…and now i am going to switch my subscription to jaring. i am a 100% bt downloader. if anyone knows if jaring dint block bt, i will definitely change my network provider….plz mail to

  14. My streamyx so far so good (very fast) except bila my housemate tgh download something. so i agreed with shiukoru.

  15. 中國時報 2008.03.21 
    ADSL、行動電話費率 4/1降價

    latest rate for ADSL services in TW. Their gov think their services fee was too high and ask their isp to cut their price. 8M for 500NT (before is 699NT), how much we have to pay in malaysia??? Another thing is, they think the 2M package was s*ck, they had to stop that package and ask user to use a better packages!!!

  16. huh! it that true streamyx is suck? or it just your who’s suck. I got no problem at all and zero complain for every customer im installed (1mb Streamyx Broadband). I not working with streamyx. just freelance comp. technician. You better know and try to find out by yourself why you got bad internet connection. I mostly hate people don’t know nothing and complaint all the time…

    I’m truly believe streamyx is the best of the best among ISP in Malaysia.

  17. to mr jexmond wang,
    dear sir, i don’t know how you rate ‘streamyx is the best of the best among ISP in Malaysia’, because as you wrote that is only an ISP in malaysia, how to ‘among’. If you are comparing the 56k dial up with the streamyx, i’m totally agreed with you, i think others also agreed.
    We at malaysia have any other choice come closer to streamyx? none. Jaring? same as TM, both are like chinese says “做一天和尚,敲一天钟“ which mean as long as they survive, be easy.
    How many ISP’s malaysia have? yeah we got a bunch, goto check out yourself. But all are limit by area.
    Malaysian, we should get use of these thing happened. When something suck, THEY will give us a new hope, and the time that new hope sucks, THEY will give us even greater hopes. And THEY never look back and make thing right.When 56k sucks, THEY bring you broadbands, when broadband sucks, THEY gives you Wireless broadband, when Wireless broadband sucks, THEY announce wimax. Imagine what THEY can do with wimax if THEY’re not even able to give us broadband, probably.
    By the way, I mostly hate people don’t know nothing and AGREE all the time…

  18. germa btul aku arini.arini speed aku bkn 300kbps,30kbps pun bkn tapi 3kbps!bapak slow!geram tul aku !sign u package 1.0mbps tp dpt speed tak sampai pun 10%.!panas!!panas!!!

  19. Streamyx is really poor , my friend at korea hotel only, he say that is 100Mb speed, watching youtube won’t like here hang..and load, loading fast withouht wait a sec, here max only 4 Mb…big different. How poor Tmnet.

  20. CS, i’m totally agreed with you! Tmnet is just suck.. they are super terrible… I’ve subscribe streamyx for 2 years+.. and.. the disconnection issues never get solve.. I had call up customer support, tech support,…. escalation.. but thing never goes right as you wishes. they will ask you to do this and that… and put you on hold for 10 ~ 20 minutes and let u listen to the onhold tunes.. WTF.. If i have other options… i will immediate terminate my streamyx… problem is.. they are the “Tai Kor”… to rule the Malaysia Market. S2Pig Streamyx… By the way… Jexmond.. you should convert to babi… dont act smart when you are NOT understand the situation!

  21. Totally agreed !!!!

    I have PPOA and always have disconnection problem, DNS problem, etc. When callup, the support staff dunno what is “PPOA” (they tot all of us are PPOE and ask us to dialup), and don’t even know what is DNS…What they know most is “Connect using single connection with one PC” and “Restart your router”.

    Not only that, they are so rude and impolite, lousy service.

    I think all of the current streamyx users will switch away if there is compatible alternative.

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