Bluehyppo copy Netscape?

Has TMNet Bluehyppo copied Netspace’s logo as their website favicon? Even though it looks a little different, when I first saw the favicon it reminded me of Netscape’s logo.

Bluehyppo's Favicon Bluehyppo

Netscape's Favicon Netscape

If the favicon design is not copied from Netscape, why have they symbolized the favicon logo with an “N” and not a “B” on Bluehyppo’s website?


  1. this was netscape’s icon back in ~’95/’96. its old. bluehyppo has definitely lifted it off (or are running a really old netscape internet server and not replaced favicon)

    then again, i can’t even remember if we had favicon’s then!

    as i sent to you on yahoo!
    the bluehyppo icon is the OLD netscape icon!


    that was old netscape logo

    when it fit on like 6 floppy disks

    even pre 1.0 release

  2. hmm typical malaysian way of working? keeping to an old design because they didn’t subcribe to a after sales service upgrade. Think traffic cameras. Only work the first time round.. Then it goes kaput when the warrantee runs out.

    So perhaps BH probably paid someone really high to design it in the first place and failed to have the foresight of design upgradability in the future?

  3. Eh it occurs to me that you too are from Alor Star

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