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FRU Beat Up Malaysia Student With Baton

Living life in this country started became really really bad. Petrol and electricity price hike, government always have their own says; and their very reasonable reasons of the hike. Pak Lah, our beloved Malaysia Prime Minister, he don’t realise those hike has given a lot of pressure and stress for the people who live in this country. If you read newspaper, crime cases is spiking up tremendously. Why are these people commit crime? They have no choice, it’s hard for them to cope with the living cost in this country.

People with low income, people with numbers family, people who do business, people who work daily and people that jobless. How you want them to live? Change lifestyle? Government always say “Business man, do not take advantages increase the price of goods”. Well, everything is increasing, you asked the people who do own business don’t increase their price. Compare with last time, they have to pay more expenses, make less profit, pay more electric bil at home and shop. In the other hand, for their family, the food is expensive, kid’s pocket money have to increase. Business is not human? Don’t they have to pay electric bils too? Don’t they use petrol to deliver good? Sometime, you think back what our government said, it’s kinda childish and stupid.

Last week, a bunch of Malaysia’s student have a Peace Demotration/Protest in Kuala Lumpur City Center; ended up student beaten up by Malaysia Policeman/FRU with baton. Baton man, do you know what is baton? Wow… beaten the student, teacher with baton. “Baton” dude, isn’t it too much to treat us. They are having a peace demotration, to show their anger, to release their anger, to show they are unhappy with the price hike.

Everybody need a method to release their stress, pressure.. For me, you should know, I write blog to release my anger and unsatisfaction(especially tmnut services). Just let them stand there, show they unhappiness, lets our PM hear our voice.

But, to the student who demo/protest. Save it man, save it. In Malaysia, our main stream media like New Strait Times, The Star, Berita Harian and others papers are useless media. They won’t publish what was happened last Sunday. They don’t concern about malaysian life or living. They only do what they allow to do, they are controlled by some party.

Furthermore, even though you get 10,000 people demo in the street, shouting from Jalan Ampang to Jalan Sultan Ismail then to Dataran Merdeka. The government won’t bring down the price. It’s better that you sit at home, may be shout as loud as you can, use all the mother fucker cao cibai words to curse the government is even better. Do more coding, work harder, pay your petrol, pay your bil. When you are free, invite your friends, family, have a cup of teh tarik with them, tell them the story, and then when u finish that time, make a conclusion with;

“Next election, I think we vote opposition parties leader likes Lim Kit Siang to fight for us.”

You think it’s a story teller or hoax?
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can i quit?

after such a long time didn’t access this blog, here i m.
can i quit ? must be wondering what i want to quit from? quit from job!!!
reason of quiting from job is because i m so tired 🙁 , after seeing an old article posted by paul ‘I am tired’, really feel that why we have to be so tired.
now i really feel the difference between working life n study life, both have goods n bads but working life make me feel like quiting so frequent although i started to work since october 2005, just around 8 months experience but yet really don’t have the intention or mood in coming to office. working is like routine, doing the same thing daily except weekend at least i m having such feeling. wake up early morning n travel to work n back home after work n get back to sleep no longer, once i step in office will just wait for the lunch hour n once more waiting for end of work after lunch time, sad thing to say same thing is repeating. i wonder how many do actually enjoy their work, perhaps there r but i m not falling in that group of people at least for the moment.

let c y i don’t like to work, company which i m working with require us to travel either local or oversea, depends on your lucks in joining which project or team. it is undeniable i will gain lots of different experience undergo this and i actually don’t mind. i m not sure is it i m having good luck or bad luck by assiging to travel between EON and Menara Maybank, both are the client of my company. anyway, thanks for company because they make me know where this both banks are after traveling to there. basically my responsibility is to do supporting, testing and debugging when i m there. problem is what i was been trained in the first month is totally different from what i have to do now, eventually we have senior to guide us but my senior seem to be so busy, she has to travel among KWSP, AFFIN, AMBANK, MAYBANK and etc because i m not sure as well. she did teach me what basic thing, problem can be solved when she is along with me but based on her tight schedule n no other team-mate helping her in malaysia, most of my team-mate are oversea including leader, hence my senior got to leave me alone n support/testing/debuggin myself.

frankly speak, i can’t answer all question or problem occur, it seems like i have to answer but yet i can’t give an accurate answer. what i should do? seriously no idea, ask help from some other department’s senior, they can’t answer because they r from different department. get help from my own senior, she is busy n phone sometimes can’t really help much. as a result, the person ask me the problem can’t get an answer n i make him disappointed, i don’t wish to but i have no idea what can i do, no mannual or guideline on what i m doing as well. i got to make notes when my senior demo some to me.

besides from not having sufficient knowledge on what i suppose to do, daily travel also a problem. honestly thing get bad after i move to klang whereby i m staying in my brother’s house. reason of moving because renting house isn’t a good solution, own house will be much more better than renting, do u agree? in between i m not familiar with the KL area if i m going to drive to work,therefore i have no choice but take KTM/LRT after i drive to certain KTM/LRT station.

perhaps i shouldn’t do what i m doing now as in IT field, it is not my choice but i m graduated from that. funny isn’t it? what can i be if i m not programmer? how can i support myself if i m quiting? what can i do without disappointing my colleague? lots of question but i have no answer for them.

……. STRESSSSS !!!!!!!!!

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Compiling Tutorials

World Cup 2006 Was really busy in the past 2 months to push some freelance projects get done on time. Finally it come to a short break for me, having more time to do research and explore on IDS. Have written few tutorials recently, related to PHP, DB and also Unix simple backup/mirror transfer. Let me re-compile and post it shortly.

Will not work on any project from today until next month – June 2006, off for World Cup :P. One week more to go for World Cup 2006. Are you ready? Sorry I can’t hear you, Are You Ready?!!??!??!??!


愛 , 充電器

看到半夜的你在線上 , 感到意外非常 , 開心萬分~~~~
雖然你今年去不成日本 , 但是我知道你一定不會放棄的 , 繼續奔跑 !!!
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