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Remove IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Hidden Partition

Since IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad laptop does not ships with recovery CDs/DVDs. The factory restore image is store in the hidden partition. If you buy a 40GB IBM ThinkPad, end up you only get 33.xGB hard disk space. For a laptop, 4GB disk space is a precious waste. Furthermore, for geekery people like us(ahem), it’s hardly for us to perform factory restore state.

In order to throw away the hidden disk space, first you have to go into BIOS to remove hidden partition protection in Security > PreDekstop something and select Disable. A scary warning message will popup when you choose to disable it, don’t worry, it’s just a warning message, it won’t make you naked. Just select Okay!

WARNING! Before you decided to format the hidden partition, please create recovery CDs/DVDs for the sake of factory restore thingy in the future. Click here to learn how to create IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Recovery CDs/DVDs.

Now, you can run FreeBSD/Ubuntu/Fedora/Mac OS X/Gentoo/DesktopBSD on the additional partition and dual boot with Windows XP.

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Create IBM/Leveno Thinkpad X40 Recovery Disc

When you purchase an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad X40 series laptop, it doesn’t come with restore CDs or operating CD like Dell/HP have. After you have purchased Thinkpad X40 series laptop, you have to call and request from IBM Centre for recovery CDs within 14 days from the day you bought the laptop. If you are like me, forget to do so, don’t worry, you can create the recovery CDs by yourself.

If you are planning to create recovery CDs, prepare 5-6 CDs or if you prefer to build it in DVDs, you only need 2 DVDs. Make sure you have Thinkvantage Rescue and Recovery installed. If not, download from IBM download site.

To create IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad recovery CDs/DVDs, just click Start > Programs > ThinkVantage > Create Recovery Media. Follow the instruction, it will take around 30-45 minutes to complete the process, depend on your CD/DVD burner speed.

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食=福 ; 非,壓力也(1)

病了168小時……為了紀念戰勝病魔 , 一定要blog*2
工作太忙 , 根本拿不到假期也不忍心拿假期
以前常說 , “得閑死唔得閑病”
上個星期 , 終於親身體驗到了

最近的生意真的差 , 猛虧
所以說做生意其實不是勤勞就可以的了 ,
以前常說 , “新界的牛有夠勤勞 , 最後還不是給人殺了”
上個星期 , 終於親身體驗到了

病了168小時 , 原則上是瘦了 ,
所以 , 毫無奇蹟般的肥了…..

昨天 , 完全恢復後的第一天…….
下午1點起床 , 雞飯
工作到4點 , 麵包+萄式蛋撻
8點晚上 , 一個人經過KFC , 停了 , 有新產品 , 吃了
11點晚上 , 和朋友喝了 , 順便吃了
1點半夜 , 回到家 , 吃媽媽煮的晚飯
4點半也 , 親手煮面 , 又吃了

36應該才一年不到 , 感覺到 , 就快37了…..