Good Bye England

Last week, I told my friend England sure lose, will pack their bag and pretty model/artist wives back home and I proudly also said that Brazil going to bring down Portugal and fight againts Germany in the final; my prediction was Germany surely wins the World Cup this time.

Seem like my prediction was wrong, Brazilian legs has been broken by France 2nd time and make them can’t samba to the final. It seem like this year world cup is not interesting at all. Apart from the shocking lose on Brazil, we also can see that how useless England’s coach is.

Now, hardly to predict who will go into final, may be in the end, the final is Italy v Portugal.. LoL.. Who is going to watch it? In the business view perspective, in order to take care of the sponsor like Maxis, the final has to be very very interesting. So, I can predict that final teams into final are… Germany v France…

This time Germany going to strike 3 – 1 wins againts France 🙂 The score in 1998.


  1. Hi guys, England’s lose is really something bad.
    I see their fans are mad after the match is over.
    Some of them cried, some of them hide their face in their hands.
    I don’t really think Germany will be able to enter the final match.
    I don’t quite like Germany. I hope Italy will go into the final with Portugal.
    Not sure which team to support, like them both lol.
    By the way, is there any match today? What time will it be?


  2. I predict Germany will be in the final. Eventough i also don’t really like Germany.
    Based on last match Germany vs Argentina, the unfair advantage to Germany. (by right a penalty for Argentina would have end the game).
    There is a force behind Germany…

    The other team, most likely will be France.

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