Jakarta … OMG~

Where have I been disappeared? Haha…here I am -> Jakarta. I have been assigned by company to come here for one of the oversea project. Seriously I don’t feel like coming, n wondering is it a good or bad chance, no matter what it is I m here because I know I have to tender letter the next day if were to reject it, so just treat it as learning opportunity. Time fly ~ n is been a week I m in Jakarta.

When the flight just landed n I walked from it, my impression to it was our KLIA is honestly much much much more better than it, before I came I still have a thinking that big city should have even more high tech or great airport, but what I saw is totally opposite of what I think. Beside I did see thing first in my lifetime, lots of Indonesians having road show, selling whatever thing they can, playing guitar or any musical instruments they have, begging from cars to cars just to earn living or to pass time, I have no idea. To me they r just scary and our driver told us not to bother them n lock the door to avoid them from open it to beg money or rob u. Hard to imagine I m in such a big city.
Traffics in Jakarta r terrible as well, basically no one will bother the others n the separator lines on road will be treated as invisible, people just drive whatever n how they wish, can be from left-most to the right-most lane, imagine there r at least 4 to 6 lanes for a road. So if u wish to survive at here must make sure ur car is hard, big n horns r loud enough n most important brave enough! I can c 3-wheel car, so incredible because all the time I tot this would only appear in movie but now they r in front of me. Journey back to office is like having war and I only have one feeling that was OMG~ I WANNA GO BACK MALAYSIA! Dream…. :S

Working place (client office – BANK NISP)
The bank is a 6 floor building, but sad to say the lift can only bring u up to 4th floor n my working place is the top most which is 6th floor, so everyday I got to take lift then climb up to 6th floor using staircase. Working environment has nothing special, it is just another cyber café. A small place where not only my company workers have to squeeze inside as well as their own bank’s representative workers need to work at here with us. As a result, always have incident where u get bang by either people or pc..haha, if to move around, my advise is just sit in front of ur pc will do. 😉

First lunch I took is just nearby the office, lots of hawker n road side seller, really no appetite when c them selling food, perhaps I m a bit fussy but no matter how choosy, fussy I m, I can’t just starve myself n other colleague who came with me also went for lunch. Just screw it when no other choices. Overall, lunch is just make sure I won’t hungry n as long as is non beef due to limited choices in nearby office whereas dinner I will take it in shopping down my apartment, I will have better dinner but funny part is I always eat at china restaurant, for example big bowl, canton bay n da niang dumpling, is funny that I eat ShangHai food, cantenese food in Indonesia but at least suit my appetite. Food is not cheap but rather costly; a meal will cost me around RM20.

Accommodation (Apt of Taman Anggrek)
The only part which make me feel like staying in Jakarta is the accommodation, they arrange a service apartment for us, I stay in a master bedroom n there r maids who will help us, the apt is just on top of one of the most expensive shopping mall in Indonesia named Mall Taman Anggrek. Branded stuff r easily found n for sure it is costly too, basically we deserve for window shopping unless ur wallet get ready for it. 😀 Regarding the apt I stay it is fully furnish n air-conditioned, there r 2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, garden n playground inside it, is a great accommodation n luckily I don’t have to bear any costs for that, else is really painful for my purse. Although apt is nice, not much time I can spend in there as most of my time will be in office, normally apt is for me to shower n sleep 😀

That’s just a week-life in Jakarta, as I know I still have to be in here for a few months n might be until next year, wondering what’s my following feeling? Am I able to find out other ‘interesting’ part in Jakarta? Really miss my home so much 😉 River at here is just like ‘Black Coffee’ if our Malaysia’s river is described as ‘MILO’..hehe.. wanna pay me a visit in Jakarta? Unfortunately, I won’t be a good tour guide because I dare not explore here alone, never went out alone n my daily life is office < --> apt. Great??!! To be update…must miss me ya n god bless me 🙂


  1. Get a Lonely Planet guide to see beyond… there’s a great Nasi Gudeg stall and huge kambing satay street on the street between Hotel Ibis and Sarina.

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