Why Microsoft Office is Expensive

Yesterday, my friend said he wants to buy Microsoft Office 2003 for his office uses, and he asked me wether I know what is the price of the software. I told him it’s expensive, may be he can try to use Open Office, it’s Open Source Software and free.

Open Office has the functions that normal word processing software has. He said, why not check out the price first and decide what to choose later. I told him, a Microsoft Office Pro is RM1070, and he needs 2, one for him and another for the secretary. So, the total would be RM2140.

He reaction was, “Wow, so expensive, I can buy another AMD PC isn’t it?”. I said yes, it’s expensive, because…

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  1. yeah it exp, but if most of your other documents were generated on Office, with lots of formating, opening them up in OpenOffice, will screw them up entirely … yeah believe me, espcially when it comes to tables …

    Microsoft Office will put so much formating codes in there which will would make other word processor shitting their head out …

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