My Mentor Quits Blogging

The other day my colleague chatted with me, he asked when did I started to blog? Thinking back to the day I started to blog… I started my blog in Jan 2005, during that time it wasn’t a blog, just a few pages, stupid look website, and was registered in March 2004, it was… Continue reading My Mentor Quits Blogging

My FreeBSD Email Account

Am a three years old FreeBSD’s user, started from FreeBSD 3.x until now FreeBSD 6.x. After few years playing with this great OS, and sometime I hated portinstall or portupgrade, but overall I am happy with FreeBSD performance, fast! Still pushing real hard to play with the advance OS. IMHT, I think I am still… Continue reading My FreeBSD Email Account

Tsunami hits Indonesia, stay away from beaches.

Malaysian officials were on alert on today after an earthquake which sparked deadly tsunamis in neighbouring Indonesia. At least five people were killed when a tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia’s Java island, wrecking buildings and sending boats piling onto land after a 7.2-magnitude quake at 4.19pm. The director of disaster and crisis management with… Continue reading Tsunami hits Indonesia, stay away from beaches.


香港朋友传过来的风… 听说是一定要这样继续相传下去的… 虽然是有点无聊,但是起码我完成了… 遊戲規則: 1.由某個Blog發起題目。 2.在自己的Blog回答題目,並點5個人的名字來回答這些問題; 3.另外5個Blog回答完畢後分別點名,以此類推。 4.被點名的Blog要在回答問題後注明是被哪個Blog點名的。 5.點名者要去被點名者的Blog裏通知他們被點名了。 6.不可回傳,在題目的最後加一條自己出的題目。 01 最近在看的電視 ── 火舞黃沙 02 最近在做的事情 ── 關心國家大事 03 最近在聽的音樂 ── Jason Mraz 04 最近在吃的東西 ── 蝦面 05 最近在看的報刊 ── 星洲日報 06 最近關心的話題 ── 馬哈迪干什麽? 07 最近常去的地方 ── 08 最近常想的異性 ── 婆婆 09 最近常想做的事 ── 休息 10 最近身體狀況 ── 強壯 11 最近理財狀況 ── 過得去… Continue reading “麥屎”传过来的风