Saya nAnti-Rasuah Video? Aku ada RM50 saje

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Police Malaysia has launched investigation to both of the local “actor”. God bless 😀

p/s: This is a fake video posted by one of the member on youtube.

下雨 + 正版SPL DVD卡機


那一年 , 我們很有緣分的同班 , 然後做狗仔了
還記得我利用坐我隔壁的朋友A , 傳字條給坐你隔壁的朋友B , 然後B再傳給你

我是多麼的擔心你回不到家 , 因為你是走路的
我回到家後的一個半小時 , 打了一通電話給你
i)如果是你接 , 我就直接的蓋
ii)如果是你家人接 , 我就會問他們你是否回到家了

剛剛看殺破狼看到一半 , 正版的DVD卡在第63分鐘 , 現在非常生氣 , 決定出去找東西吃 , 消除生氣

TMNet Getting Sucks Again

International links are running so fscking slow. I can’t access websites like


TMNet Streamyx. The suckest broadband service in South East Asia. Why pay RM88/month and get the speed lower than 52kBps but not 128kBps(1mb). There is something call Streamyx User Group which held on 15 September. If you think attend this meet up will help? Go and shoot your problem. I personally think this meet up is wasting time, money and petrol.

This so call meet up, a few TMNet personel will be there listen to your problem, but they don’t have the power to push their network engineers work harder. They like to listen and grab input, but you will never get the network problem solved. You demo them traceroute, ping and shit to them to show them network problem, they can’t do anything too. Even worst when they don’t know what the heck is that.

Until the end of the meet up, they will say “We will get back to you..” Why the heck you want get back to us? Go talk to your engineers, not come back to us and tell us grandfather story. Think the “root” problem, if the “root” problem solved, you will never see me “kutuk” you on my blog.

Because your service sucks all the time, I cannot get refund, I need to voice out. So don’t blame if I am too rude.

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Programmer Rights!

1. Every programmer shall have two monitors
With the crashing prices of LCDs and the ubiquity of dual-output video cards, you’d be crazy to limit your developers to a single screen. The productivity benefits of doubling your desktop are well documented by now. If you want to maximize developer productivity, make sure each developer has two monitors.

I don’t have that

2. Every programmer shall have a fast PC
Developers are required to run a lot of software to get their jobs done: development environments, database engines, web servers, virtual machines, and so forth. Running all this software requires a fast PC with lots of memory. The faster a developer’s PC is, the faster they can cycle through debug and compile cycles. You’d be foolish to pay the extortionist prices for the extreme top of the current performance heap– but always make sure you’re buying near the top end. Outfit your developers with fast PCs that have lots of memory. Time spent staring at a progress bar is wasted time.

I don’t have that

3. Every programmer shall have their choice of mouse and keyboard
In college, I ran a painting business. Every painter I hired had to buy their own brushes. This was one of the first things I learned. Throwing a standard brush at new painters didn’t work. The “company” brushes were quickly neglected and degenerated into a state of disrepair. But painters who bought their own brushes took care of them. Painters who bought their own brushes learned to appreciate the difference between the professional $20 brush they owned and cheap disposable dollar store brushes. Having their own brush engendered a sense of enduring responsibility and craftsmanship. Programmers should have the same relationship with their mouse and keyboard– they are the essential, workaday tools we use to practice our craft and should be treated as such.

I don’t have that

4. Every programmer shall have a comfortable chair
Let’s face it. We make our livings largely by sitting on our butts for 8 hours a day. Why not spend that 8 hours in a comfortable, well-designed chair? Give developers chairs that make sitting for 8 hours not just tolerable, but enjoyable. Sure, you hire developers primarily for their giant brains, but don’t forget your developers’ other assets.

I have that

5. Every programmer shall have a fast internet connection
Good programmers never write what they can steal. And the internet is the best conduit for stolen material ever invented. I’m all for books, but it’s hard to imagine getting any work done without fast, responsive internet searches at my fingertips.

I have that

6. Every programmer shall have quiet working conditions
Programming requires focused mental concentration. Programmers cannot work effectively in an interrupt-driven environment. Make sure your working environment protects your programmers’ flow state, otherwise they’ll waste most of their time bouncing back and forth between distractions.

I don’t have that

What about you? Read Programmer’s Bill of Rights