Secure Your Wireless Connection

Walking down to the busy street in Kuala Lumpur, you can connect to several wireless access point which offer by TMNet, Time, Maxis, Airzed and etc. But do you know that your connection packet can be sniffed by hacker who sitting next to you and grab your username password that access to webmail, blog and etc(if it’s without https/smtps/pop3 connection).

I will provide you some basic knowledege setting up secure wireless connection with SSH tunneling; The requirements are;

  • a server access connection
  • putty ssh software
  • laptop with wireless card (dumbass, of course you need one)

In putty setup, fill in Host Name, Port, Protocol and assign a Saved Sessions name for the particular connection. Next, navigate to Connection > SSH > Tunnel. Fill in source port as a random no from 1-65547, may be 3313, you can leave Destination blank, select Dynamic and Auto for IP protocol. Save the session again, and you done for the setup.

Now, connect to your server and change your browser connection setting to Sock, port 3313. Surf the internet! and your connection is partially secured now.

Download PuTTY here.


  1. issit a bit too hard for newbies? haha. ppl just haf to secure their wireless man.. there’s this guywho let his wireless openand i was leeching off him. 300kbps download speed.. and its free 😀 till he found out hehe

  2. Alex,

    I don’t think you get the idea, with that kind of setup you can’t sniff his connection even you can connect to his wifi Access Point. While you abuse his bandwidth, that’s not about security because you can abuse access point with WEP with the same thing as long as you can connect to it.

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