Latest Internet Browser Releases, Microsoft Firefox Professional 2007

Microsoft has officially merges with Mozilla Firefox. Lately, they just released their first merger internet browser, Microsoft Firefox 2007.

The new browser comes with latest security features. Not to mention the group tab browsing. Visit the site for more information, the hottest internet browser in town 😛

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  1. lol am sure there goes firefox down the drain….say hello to all its vulnerability now that microsoft has taken firefox into its monopoli….now we are really fucked….

  2. taken from the site

    RSS (Real Simple Sex)
    RSS is a relatively new algorithmic technology fueled by the continued hot desires of many online web users. Accessed by an illuminating an icon on the toolbar – a single click allows you to view and optionally download anything that resembles a tit, a boob or a breast – rendered directly in the browser with speeds up to 10 times faster than the competition. Real Simple Sex can scan and arrange explicit images/pictures in order of quality and effectively filters out irrelevant content such as balloons or soccer balls.

    i’m sure this will be the hottest brower!

  3. emm…I think it not true version of msfirefox….lol, porn picture loading 10 times faster lol, someone better get hold on it..hahaha

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