Hey Rafidah, Do You Smell What’s Michael Backman Cooks?

Bravo Michael, after Malaysia Bodoh, on the latest column – Malaysia bites back and industriously trades the insults, I can say 45% is dedicated to our Trade Minister. She should read it, rakyat should read it, and figure out is our trade minister sleeping or working.

Again, Michael made some good points about how our .Gov waste tax payers money. Okay, just think of this, the .Gov is unable to continue paying tols compensations. But our .Gov could,

And as if to underscore my points about waste, on the day that my column was published, an assistant minister told the Malaysian Parliament that Malaysia’s first astronaut to be sent into space next year aboard a Russian space mission will be tasked to play batu seremban, a traditional Malay children’s game played with pebbles, will do some batik painting and will make teh tarik, a type of Malaysian milky tea, all to see how these things can be done without gravity.

The day before, the Government announced that a new RM400 million ($A142 million) palace will be built for Malaysia’s king, a position that is almost entirely ceremonial.

And the week before a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a second bridge between Penang and the Malaysian peninsular costing RM3 billion, a bridge that many consider unnecessary.

Our .Gov always said economy is on track and growing, is it true? If so but where is the facts and figures? Nothing!

Malaysia needs to do something. Its oil will run out soon and it has lost much of its appeal to foreign investors — recent UN figures show that from 2004 to 2005, foreign investment in Malaysia fell by 14 per cent, when the world economy was enjoying one of its longest periods of growth. One might wonder what the Trade and Industry Minister has actually been doing.

Well, I would say, Malaysia still suck on transparency. The news on the newspaper is just a piece of shit, what the .Gov fart, the newspaper write. No questioning and investigation on it. It’s something like what they shit and we eat all the time.

If there is no voice from rakyat, Malaysia will never ever improve, more Bodoh scenes can be seen every week, more Bodoh news can be read everyday.


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