2006 sux~~

The end of 2006,

Still haven’t get a hand phone charger, forgotten to bring mine back from Bangkok.

Still haven’t received my payment for Nov and Dec.

1 check rejected yesterday

Boss, still unable to return your rm300, sorry boss, so please pay me faster so I can return you faster k, but boss rm300 to you is nothing rite, so we suak liao with that k hehe 😛

James, owe you rm400, please still keep my stuff ya, don’t transfer it ya~~

Sam, cleared yours rite hahaha.

Streamyx, due to the earthquake incident, I’ll wait till next week, wait till you “maintained” your system (how come without earthquake you also tell me you need to maintain your system always??), IF my package upgraded wrongly, you are going to have another earthquake from me!!!!!!!

Planned to move to new room at the end of this year, but the 2 gays still “not sure” when to move out, keep pending on each other, sei gay lou, come on, how hard is it for you to move out, now have to sleep without blanket for few days, and my room look like a warehouse(everything is packed), till today you 2 still say “not sure” when to move out, fxxk you 2 gay lou!!

PC resolution prob, people who are using 19inch monitor, resolution 1280*1024, your refresh rate have to be 72hertz, not more/less than that!!!Else you will pek cek like me for these few days 😛

Production room(renovating)~~ looking forward for next week, too bad cant make it done at the end of 2006 :p

Bla Bla Bla Bla…….

anyway, Happy 2007~~~ 😛

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