Tips and Tricks Calling To TM Net Streamyx Call Center

My streamyx was down again this morning until now. Calling to TM Net Call Center is pain in the ass. Because they will ask you silly questions and make you sound stupid. I found out the best way to communicate with their customer agent.

But first and foremost, you got to determine what is your TM Nut Streamyx’s error message with manual connection. What the hell is manual connection? Manual connection, according to TM Nut customer agent, it means connect Streamyx with your laptop/pc with PPPoE connection setup, NOT using router. Because router doesn’t shows you error message.

The example shown below only works with original/pirate Microsoft Windows XP SP2 license. Let’s start step by step;

Okay, remember the error message, 676 678 or bla bla bla… Now, try your luck making calls to 1300 88 9515, hopefully their customer agent would available to pick up your call. If yes, start your conversation something like this,

“Hello, I am a “network engineer” calling from, one of the most popular blog in Malaysia. My couldn’t connect my RM88 ringgit Streamyx since early morning. The DSL light is not blinking like the star in the sky, it’s permanently lighten up with beautiful green LED color. I have tried to connect it with manual connect, and it returns error message 678, may I know what is the problem?……”

  • If you mentioned “network engineer”, they will not ask dumb dumb questions like is the network card plugged in? is the cable connected to machine and etc.
  • If you mentioned RM88, means you are calculative and you see RM88 like RM8888. Let them know you are very poor.
  • Let them know DSL status light is very important.
  • Let them know the error message, so they can report to 2nd level support engineer.

So? Happy calling to TMNut Call Center. All rights not reserved. It’s under GPL license. And my fucking TMNet Streamyx is disconnected again, luckily I copy all before click on Publish!


  1. HAHA

    I love this post =p It’s really funny to me. Good job on the step-by-step tutorial on how to overcome the TmNutz silly kebodohan question. It will be a good guide to those out there using Streamyx =D

  2. well.. i dialled 03-26870111. seems that the girl responded well and did her work fast enought to get me connected within hours.

  3. i AM one of the call centre agent n would say this is a damn nice guide. What he says is correct, coz we tmnut staff are directed to have the customer ask all silly question & ask to perform silly troubleshooting since it is our procedure. Actually, as a customer, the easiest way is simply said or LIE said u have done all the troubleshooting, n give them error 678 (bcoz error 678 is mostly related to their site). Only do this if u r SURE the problem is not at your site..

    btw, error msg can be get from this blog method, or go to modem/router GUI, n find the logs to see the messages. Each error msg represents the cause of the problem..

  4. well… dont want problem with streamyx?
    Easy… first of all, your house be a High Class Condominium or some high class place like Damansara or High End Cheras areas. Thats all you need, 2 years & no problem… once in a while DCed but thats all…

    Talking of discrimination, back in my home town of cheap apartment. God… how I wish I can click the “launch nuke targeting TMnut” button.

  5. hahah… good jokes mr paul looi… actually for your information for internet broadband connection we based to DSL status to check whether is ok or not.. if your said DSL stable and get error 678 and using autodialer or using router, of course your are lying… you can LYING to people without IT/computer knowledge but for who have a knowledge on IT/computer.. YOU like a shit to them… sorry to say but we must learn before comment anything… I’m not a tmnut (u said) for me tmnet.. I’m not thier people or workers… if not satisfied with them your can change another ISP provider (dont ask me what is ISP, i think you know) such maxis, celcom, P1wimax and etc… for your information create dialer and disable autodialer or using manual dialer is to make sure there is no problem at customer side for example networking, modem or computer.. think first before said..

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