A Very Fark Up TMNet

After 14 workings day, still /dev/null update from TM/TMNet. People in Telekom is basically Tai-Chi master, when I called TMNet, they ask me call TM, when I called TM, they ask me call 1300. So when I called 1300, they ask me call TM Activation which is +603-26870111, and this line is busy like hell, is like taking long queue to hell, and waiting for special prosecution.

After the 14 workings days, I thought I found some hope when I called TM Activation, they were being very nice, told me will update/escalate with TM, and get back to me in 24 hours, and added with some hoping message to me, they said

“If you can’t see your DSL light tomorrow, please call us.”.

Oh! Finally, finally there is someone give me a little bit bit hope. Since the 14 working days, everyday i got home, I call them and “update” them,

“Hi, my DSL light is still /dev/null.”

And this time, they give me little more hope by saying,

“Sir, we will make this very urgent, your jumper is not done yet, we will escalate to TM urgently. If you don’t see the light tomorrow, please call us…”

Ok, I continue doing that until yesterday night, which really farking pissed me off the hill. I called them again,

“My DSL light still NOTHING at all.”

So they give me the same farking reply, let me copy and paste it right now,

“Sir, we will make this very urgent, your jumper is not done yet, we will escalate to TM urgently”.

This time I cannot tahan,

“What the fark, every farking time I called you guys, give me the same farking advice, what the fark are you guys doing? How many time you want me to call? Everyday say the same farking things to me, did you guys write it down? Please read the report I made yesterday!”

So this time, this is the really pissed me off to the max!, The fellow said,

“Yes, we did record your report”

I said,

“Read it loud now what report I made yesterday..”

The fellow,

“You… errr…..” tut……. tut…….. tut……… tut….. (The phone hang up)

Yes, that mother farking hung up my call! I wonder how TM or TMNet can be awarded as Best Internet Service Provider in Asia. And it’s now 18 Working Days, my TM Net Streamyx is still farking dead. So this morning I went to TM Point, give them a big hug and thank you for providing such wonderful experience to me.

I terminated my land line phone and TM Net Streamyx this morning!

So how do I online right now? It’s HuaWei E220 3G card with Maxis 3G, although it’s more expensive than streamyx, I am willing to pay as long as I get what I want. Right now, I am extremely disappointed with TM services! Best Internet Service Provider huh? Ya ya.. fark it. Read my blog and see how many complains and people suffer from their services.


  1. To those who need a template when you write to TMNet (Tak Mau Net);
    Feel free to modify any of it as you wish!

    Hi there,

    To Whom This May Concern (as if);

    I had reported for Streamyx service disruption on Saturday 23-6-2007 (Report # bla bla bla – ADSL light is off & no connection) and until today, Thursday 5-7-2007, it has not been resolved yet. (to those who can’t count, today is the 13th day)

    First of all, your customers don’t expect to speak to people who can ONLY read checklists like those at your call centre (Stupid Robot can do that). And more, your “2 business days” promise doesn’t sound convincing at all (ie. No Class!). In today’s IT age, online businesses run 24/7, 365 days a year because the beauty of World Wide Web allows people from all over the world USE & live in it without any time boundaries. So your “2 business days” only sounds TOTAL incompetent, hopeless & fear of commitment to your own line of business (not to mention way sub-sub-par to other world ISPs).

    After the 12 nerves-wrecking days experience (yup it’s not over yet, still counting days), I think it is time for TMNet Management to think about hiring a consultant to revamp and change the mindset & attitude of TMNet working level as well as the Management so that you guys could understand better how excellent & world class service oriented company should function. I hope none of you guys are sleeping on the job, else how could you let this going on for 12 days (and counting..).

    Please also get your call centre managers (who don’t have to work on weekends to take care of NOT-so-important-customers like us) to do a demographic study to identify what kind of customers you guys are dealing with (ie. customers will not simply take any nonsense excuses from TMNet! We got brains & not simply signing up for service & donating our money for no good cause). TMNet should start to LEARN on how to be professional & take the responsibility to rectify the problem instead of blaming here & there on your internal procedures. (One of the lame excuses I’ve heard is TMNet could not contact the already assigned technician! Or “waiting” for technician to call back with status etc.)

    Now, I don’t need anymore of your lame apologies.. “Repair underway bla bla… we will try to reset here & there bla bla…” Already heard TONS of it for almost 2 weeks & still produce nothing (Malaysian way of being polite is no longer applicable & sensible in this REAL world, just shoot straight coz it mean you are honest & dead serious). Yes, I just need my Streamyx service back if you really care, or if TMNet is really genuine & COMPETENT service oriented company.

    Just try your “very” best to restore my Streamyx service (we will see whether your “very” best is 30 days or more, talk about another new entry in the making for Malaysia Book’s of Records). I’m not sure whether Maxis & other ISPs would love to hear this kind of tale, but let’s not forget the rest of the public too need to know & compare the services. Unless it is already embedded in public mind that TMNet is just another pathetic local champ “jaguh kampung” (which is clearly not heading anywhere in this decade/century), then I feel sorry for most of my fellow Malaysian users.

    To TMNet billing department; would very much appreciate if you could adjust the billing for this account accordingly. (If you still don’t get it; please deduct the portion of un-rendered service due to your “EXCELLENT & IMPECCABLE” Streamyx service). Please not to “unashamedly” bill me for that portion. Currently the un-rendered service is 13 days & counting.


    Mr. MAU NET (as opposed to TM Net = TAK MAU NET)

    Ps – Don’t bother calling me after this (NOBODY even tried to call me to update on the situation for the past 12 days (& counting), it was ME who keep calling the NON-VALUE added customer service everyday, for update(s) thus far). Just bring back my Streamyx service to normal, that’s all.

    PPs – I think it is wise if you guys don’t UNDERESTIMATE your customer. You never know what he/she is capable of (Not to mention, an irate customer). Like you said “We are not just NUMBERS!”. So WALK THE TALK, if you care.

  2. ZZZ.. u guys r so farking stupid.. honestly u r not the only ppl who using the product.. if u not satisfied wit any product just buzz off dont b a cry baby n nagging all the way to your mamas house.. Get a life ,, and stop being bitchy

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