No Update, Good Bye.

It has been a while that this blog doesn’t has much writing, lag of update and more photos than writing. There are thousand reasons behind…

Starting with …. because; I am lazy to write, other than that I am not a good writer either, sometime the bad grammatical errors attract some criticism, some come with good will to point out what is the error, and some just to surf around and make you look stupid by saying shut the f**k up get lost; But this is not the main reason stopped me writing, such comment doesn’t really affect anything to this blog, it stopped because of some other reasons.

I used to like writing whatever when I were working with an online political media company, sharing resources that you hardly get from newspaper, what voice out whatever is in your heart, no matter happy, sad, piss or angry. It’s also due to you are in that kind of environment the writing “mood” is inherit in your body. The blog started with the influence by my mentor.. LoL.. kembang she… There was the place I found out blog is an interesting stuff to “play” around, because it acts like a diary and when the time you read back, your mind can flash back what was happening last time… I can’t even remember I bought a Nikon D70 last time.. 😉 The best part of blog is if you don’t like something and complain on it, you will get the same group of people support your statement.

If reading from the beginning… ermm.. since early 2005, almost everything of my life is recorded on the blog. Wanted to stop here, started to feel lazy to continue writing, because am keep on read back what I wrote…. Ok… so, reading it back, if I am not a blogger, just someone happened to bump into this blog, reading this… Then I will mumble.. my usual style… “what the, buy camera also need to announce to the world?”. In other meaning, it also lead to like some kind of showing off what you have… Who knows right, this world got all kind of human being, that can say anything they like…

Hang on, seriously I am lazy continue writing it. In summary or in short, this year there were a lot of things happened which never happened before in my entire life really make me eye opener. It’s like stepping one level up in your life and know what world is world. I am a person who don’t like unnecessary trouble, sometime I think it’s good to become monk, and pray all day, for the world, for the good of everybody. Whenever I see problem/trouble, trying my best to be extremely patient, extremely extremely patient. Sometime I chosen to be silent, talk less, whatever as long as it’s done and you are happy with it. You can call me loser but sometime something happened it needs a loser to be there, I rather be the loser and I don’t lost anything.

Ok, turn up I have more to say because it’s the last post. 24 years surviving, I appreciate what I am having right now, I consider myself is extremely lucky compared to a lot people, at least I am in a better situation than a friend that told me her bad experiences that she had which I think she is strong enough to keep on walking and surviving. Then thinking it back what has happened to me this year just a taufu. Good or bad, we will need to live, to live because you don’t have a choice. Well you have but it’s not the choice to take it.

Btw, last post. Sorry maximili that this blog doesn’t attract your visit anymore, actually it’s not worst to spend your valuable time to read, we better drive around to have a drink or organize an outdoor photoshooting session with shorty! Today I made a stupid promise to my housemate and colleague that; From today onward try not to swear again in hokkien/cantonese/mandarin/english unless special circumstances, btw I did a hokkien swear when I were chatting with somebody, that one is really a special circumstance.

Good night, last post.. Post No. xx. Look at more picture than word so it doesn’t cause any bad to your eyes.


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