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I forgot to write it, Last Sunday, my car no. was on Magnum4d!!!! and 1 weeks ago, it was on Da Ma Cai, and today… Let me guess, Sportstoto? See, I am so good, give you all tips :p Why not try right? Da Ma Cai, Magnum4d, then today is Sportstoto lo, buy RM1 RM1 small la..

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Hahah! Msau pour icey cold water on Paul liao! Hahahah…

Eh, your car number plate open already hor, wont open for the second time one ler. 😛 Open already baru ask people to buy!

can borrow RM2 ka? then win I keep and say tq and return back RM2 to you. If lose then hor… too bad la… no money to return to you lo.. ke ke

Wei, this number thing is like that. when you announce it loudly, it wont come out… when you quiet quiet chickenly buy it, it also no come out 1….

but whenever you forgot to buy…. @!#$%#X* it open lo… :o(

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