A Screwed Up Night

Working in IT Engineering field, your time is dedicated to the company 24/7, what is 24/7? Which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Especially when you are lag of resources, something goes wrong, you have to throw away your planned/current activity aside.

Initially I have an outdoor night shooting plan tonight. An escalation came down at the time of 5:30pm, I’ve been told the firewall is having problem and cannot be configured. So, from KL to Cyberjaya at the after working hour, after few hours troubleshoot on firewall, finally end up the problem wasn’t firewall but cable patching…. *sienzz*

Driving from KL -> Cyber -> KL is pain in the ass especially on Friday. The “longkang” tunnel doesn’t help to release the jam. Why not mass transit Mr Samy?