All About Work

Recently I notice 8 working hours isn’t enough to me. Especially when there are a few things on hand to-do, basically means when all things come in sudden, it’s really PITA(Pain In The Ass). Especially when you are dealing with systems, applications, debugging and troubleshooting. Logs file analyzing will take a lot of time, and beside that would be compiling application from source.

Another problem which I usually get is…. no proper documentation was hand over to me, and something urgent happened and need your immediate attention to solve it asap(ass soon ass possible), it will be another PITA too.

Basically, when you are into system/network related work, PITA always follow you. To be frank, even when I am shitting in the toilet, the mind is still tinkering with the problem.

Multitasking… Is my strength right now.

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