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Always, Man Utd Supporter

  • I am so happy that a multi-billion-dollar club lost. Haha!
  • Lennon is the man, you rock, Furgie should buy you.
  • Tottenham fans rock, especially when you guys sing Glory Man Utd.
  • Happy Anniversary Furgie!
  • So Mourinho, what do you want to say this time?

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Hey soccer is not interesting anymore if one team keep winning… So this year English Premier League will be challenging. I hope other clubs can give some challenge for the EPL other then the 4 big clubs :p

ah.. remind again why chelsea are the ‘special one’?
because u won at least one champions league recently? ah.. no,
cos one year you managed to win three major titles like FA Cuo, champions league and premiership? ah, no… ,
cos you were number one in england for 3 straight years? ah… no,
cos u only can score one goal in most matches? ah, maybe….
what about cos you are currently number one in the league, number one top scorer, number one defense, number one goal difference? what? what do you have to call yourselfs the special one?
cos u won back-to-back titles? ah, sorry to burst your bubble, but that feat was done before you were born brader…
man utd are playing great football currently and no one else in the league are at their level right now. just accept it and move on dude…

no doubt, chelsea is a very good team, but they cheat and play dirty too much, not promoting my blog here, but if you are interested in what I say, u can have a read on what i wrote. From last year’s Drogba handball ball incident against M City to recent diving in the macth against Barcelona

However, i disagree with the red card to Terry yesterday, it was not even worth a yellow for the second incident.

Whoever win the EPL also nevermind la, as long as fair play with exciting football

Hei supporters! Im 20 and Im a Spanish girl living for United. I would like have friends to msn (ManUtd supporters of course) to talk about the matchs and more. If you want be my friend write me to: telling me where are you, please (Sorry for my bad English xD)


Come on my UNITED!!!!!!!!!!

fo real? cool… finally paul, your blog’s producing some nice results…:) so maria, what did u think of united’s narrow win over sheffield yesterday? which part of spain are u from by the way?

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