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Another Smart Minister in Malaysia

Okokok, I might be late for this news, because I don’t read news/newspaper nowaday, you know la, reading newspaper is a waste of time and energy. Furthermore, those news on newspapers are suck, all time.

But this is interesting to me, Tengku Adnan, our respected minister said “Bloggers are Liar”. He also said, “Malay will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malay, and Indian will kill everybody”. What a racist joke he made.



Adopted from Sin Chew Daily

Well well well……. another smart minister who live and ruin this country unity. Good job Mr Tengku Adnan.

Chinese has a saying, “Cannot swim says lampa(testicles) are heavy”. It mean cannot perform and blame on something. Oh ya.. this doesn’t mean anything…

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You are way behind to know most of them are racists and sexists, better get used to it…you are in Malaysia, pal…

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