Anti-BN Project

Just some silly stuff I would like to share.

2 weeks back, I received an email with Subject: Welcome to Anti-BN Project. I was thinking which people on earth started this Anti Barisan National project, didn’t they heard of government is closely monitoring blogs and online contents. So, I read the first paragraph;

Hello everybody:
Thanks for your enthusiasm to support the AntiBN-Project. In
order to make the communication smooth and effective, we’d better
get a basic understanding of each other. Maybe some of you have
already known each other, but I’m sure there are freshers among us.
So I’d like to make the suggestion about member’s self-

What? Support? Enthusiasm? No no, no way, people who love peace like me wouldn’t want to join this project! To avoid peering with such people, didn’t continue reading the next paragraph, immediately thrown the email into Trash folder and emptied trash asap. Restarted my laptop, after that I pray hard not to receive this Anti-BN Project email again!

Today, I received an email again, “Anti-BN List: Self Introduction”. Oh gosh, again, the email came in. Why? Again! Self introduction some more! Why they involved me in such political project, I am not interested at all, but this time, I really want to find out what these people talk inside the list. So, I took a deep breath, clean my specs, read;


In response to the request below:

My Name is XXX, I own an NSP, ISP, and DataCenter. As such I am
interested in BotNet Analysis, Threat Vectors and Overall Reduction.

Oppsss…. Sorry, this is not the Anti-BN project I thought of. I was invited to join an Anti-BotNet Project.

Back to work,
No politics,