Sold D70

You will think I am rich is it? Bought a nearly RM4000 SLR Digital Camera not more than a month, then sell it off.

No, I am not… But I really don’t have time go out take “nice” photo, The camera is right on top of my guitar amp, see it every morning and every night. Whenever I see it, it make me feel unusual, why? because make a feel like wasting money, such an expensive camera is staying on the guitar amp every day, and then is not able to allocate time to take pictures, lot of works is tiring, would spend my free time to rest/sleeps.

But… okok la.. just made RM150 lost.. consider ok la.. don’t think about it la… 不想就没事.. I asked that fellow vote me in, say okokok… but now.. 1 month adi, still nothing.. anyways, today is 17th March, I post this because want to remember it!

Cosmetic Surgery –

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty website updated, the first Cosmetic Surgery Magazine and Website available in Malaysia. Want to try plastic surgery ? want enlarge something? implant? You should have a look at the website. Am just wondering, they told me the cover girl is a Piano teacher, do you believe? Nah, if yes… everybody will go to learn Piano from her.

Company want to switch server from current provider to other, I hate moving/switching. There are more than 30 websites in 7 servers, every server has different configuration, do you know how hard to make a check list? DNS, APACHE setting, Webmail, MySQL and PostgreSQL, VPN.. 7 Servers… More time I need…

Hey hey, downloaded a lot e-book, trying to explore J2EE, do you know what is the salary for J2EE developer? RM6k / month!! XML, a new way to store data, found it powerfull, yes, Malaysiakini is running XML, why we develop in XML but not DB? XML is FAST on reading info, especially if you are using XLTS to retrieve the data.. Discover new stuff thing month!

Oh ya, writing PHP Classes for Shooping cart… I need a code can be reuse, am converting my script into Classes, hope it can help me in the future

Started My Blog!

First post, I bought Nikon D70! Hahaha, good investment, should use this camera take more good pictures and share @ Takizo Photo Album Regarding Takizo Photo Album, I opened for public to register as member and share picture. If you looking for a place to share your pictures, please try the photo album. Yes, it’s FREE! Cheers…