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walauei 怎样做工哦, connection慢到鬼那么样,死伯羡慕 sogua 的 server 什么事都没有, 继续弄他的东东! 同一间公司, 但是服务就相差天跟地… 由于此 post 关系到商业性的问题, 所以就用了华语来篇. 真猪懒… how to do work.. 浪费时间

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INDO Hacker? No No, Malaysian, PATCH YOUR SERVER

LoL, today… interesting day, 2 days ago USM website was “hacked” by Indonesia hackers.. “HACK”, please… uncle … don’t use the word “hack”. it’s deface on the website, how can it be happen… If you patch your server well…. Most of the website defaced by the so called hackers is using the SQL Injection method, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), JKR, Suhakam, KTAK, Perak Sultan, Perak Musuem and etc websites been defaced. Jeffooi’s blog reported it Live! Hahaha, while me and Sogua keep refreshing the page to look for more… after around 30mins, no more updates from JeffOoi, so me and sogua decide enter the so called hackers channel to “spy” which is the next target… …. …. … … … … … … … … … I really kek sim with those fellow, decided to do a trace and inform the website owner about the defaces.. First I made a call to webmaster..
me : “Hello, issit Can I speak to xxx xxx xxxx?” : “yes, may i know who’s on the line, xxx xxx xxx is engage..”
me : “Oh, issit… I am Paul from Malaysiakini…” : “from MALAYSIAKINI??? … .. < > oh yes, hold on… xxxx xxx is coming”
me : “ok..”
xxx xxx xxx: “hello, yes?”
me : “sir, would like to inform you, your site being deface by some hackers”
xxx xxx xxx “???? okok.. thank” … tuu.. tuuuu tuuu

LoL, what is this… thank you also didn’t say.. haih… why be so kind to calling them? continue do work.. chiu… 好心没好报

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Why I am in IT? Why my friend in IT? Are you sure it’s right for you?

Meet a lot developers lately. They are really good.. why? Experineced at their early age, which I mean young and talented; How they managed to do that? Ditesh Kumar own a software company at the age of 25, he started his business 3 years ago, I think it’s around 22? Keep up the good work dude, I have learnt a lot of new stuff from you.

I am 22 years old now, I owned Takizo Technology, but still a small potato! haha :d For Your Information, Takizo Technology is just doing freelancing, I am full time web developer in Manage4me Sdn Bhd. Why I don’t go for full time? LoL, I am still lag of experience, still far away from me to go into such competative market

I always have the same question in mind, How long am I going to be a web developer.. develope the web application that can’t be compete with the people out there… You, me and them, we are living in the same planet… we have 24 hours / day, how come they are so so so good?…

“sacrifice” might be the word explain all. In 24 hours, how many hours u spend to learn new thing of programming? how many hours u use to loitering around? how many hours u use to search for new friend in Friendster (this is why friendster make money, more people surf, more $$ they charge on banner, don’t you notice a lot of banners now?).

The more time & efforts you spend on your work, the more you know. To there people other there who always I am good of programming, I am not that good, is just I spend more time on doing coding. That’s all. You might better than me if you do the same thing like I do 😉

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Malaysia PHP User Group First Meet Up

Today, we manage to organize Malaysia PHP User Group inaugural meeting, suprice to see the people are there to discuss about open source, PHP programming and giving idea on how to keep Malaysia PHP User Group growth and helping others on PHP web development. Ditesh is the person who gave us a lot tips and tricks on PHP, learnt new stuff, WACT! A powerful PHP Web Application Component Framework, is something similar like Prado. Prado is the PHP web programming framework that I love. If you try to run their Hangman games, and yes.. it’s very powerful and usefull framework and save your time on develop new application, it’s because the “class” is reuseable. Gentoo, which running on lotso’s Dell laptop, look coool! Guys, thank for coming and the ideas been given to me. Lot more work to do.. keep the group growth

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DNS Transfered & Jason Mraz Arrived!!!

Finally, 13 Domains DNS transfered to new server. Gosh, took a lot of time to configure!

YEAH… Yahoo!! Jason Mraz DVD and CDs I order 2 weeks ago from Jason Mraz’s store finally arrived at my door step! It cost me RM228.45, I tell you what, it’s worth it! His voice is awesome! Good performance, live at the Eagles Ballroom (I don’t know where is it). Great songs arrangement and the band! What else what else… oh ya, it come with free Jason Mraz sticker! I think you guys/girls familiar with the hit songs, You And I Both and The Remedy… There are also few nice songs like Sleep All Day, On Love In Sadness, No Stopping Us, Curbside Prophet… I love Sleep All Day, it really make me want to sleep all day, haha! ok, feel free visit his website,