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Back to Jamming again!

Yesterday night jamming with new band, I can’t remember when was the last time I jam, I think it was 5-6 years back, when I was in Form5 … Somewhere in year 200o or earlier.

Long time didn’t play guitar, fingers are cramp when runining lead/riff, luckily the songs we jam are not many lead in it. Check out My Pictures folder, still can get few picture with my old band members, and it bring back my old sweet memory..

First time perform @ RTM, the function “Virtuoso Guitar Night”

My first band – Fixxxers, am center, on left my cousin – Wei, performing @ Shopping Complex

The last band I played with, the band name……… THE WONDERS 😛 The band is specially for Band Alert(now known as Asian Beat) competition, after competition we disband.. 🙁

Practise @ Studio

v r playing That Thing You Do, started with clap 🙂

me and Steve – Backing + lead guitarist

Spot something on the guitar? YES! MANCHESTER UNITED 😛 + 101 Dalmations (it’s 101, no joke)

me and Ric, the bassist (at the back, adjust drum cymbal was Michael from Uglymen)

Solo time

three dumbass

Have u seen guitar solo with biting guitar string? I show u next time 😛

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