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Beware Of Some Malaysia Colleges

An unhappy incidence was happened to my cousin. It was about a college which located at PJ branch indirectly cheated my cousin and her friend’s registration fees, and they did not want to or strongly refused to refund the registration fees to both of them. Well, although it’s only RM130, but can you imagine if there are students who walk in and they grab each of them RM50? They can earn good money isn’t it?

The incidence started on 23rd December, my cousin and friend went to the college to find out courses offered by them. They were keen to know about Higher Diploma course. So, there was a marketing person who had brief both of them on the course information.

After the briefing, my cousin and friend asked is there any scholarship offers by the College. The marketing person said it is a scholarship programme offer by the college, but the offer was going to end on 31st December 2005. So the marketing person suggested them to “pre” register the course so they won’t missed the chance to apply for the scholarship programme.

The con job started here… The marketing person asked them to pay RM180 for the registration fees. But my cousin and friend can’t afford to pay RM180 as they didn’t bring enough cash during that day. So, they decided to pay quarter of the RM180, my cousin paid RM50 and her friend paid RM80. Before making the payment, they asked the marketing person is the registration fees refundable? “Yes, it is. But they must fax an official letter to our college and stated why they request the refund. “, the marketing person replied. With the marketing person promised, so both of them paid the registration fees to the college.

1 week later, my cousin and friend decided not to take up the course offer by the college, so they called up the marketing person and told her that they want the refund. The marketing person asked my cousin and friend wrote an official letter and fax it to the college. After few days the offical letter have been faxed to the college, there was no reply from the marketing person. Therefore, my cousin decided to call her and clarify the refund status.

When my cousin called up, the marketing person explained it was because the accounting department has submited the fees into the account so that the registration fees is not refundable. She also mentioned about the faulty action of the fees submission. Obviously, this is not my cousin problem, it’s the college problem, if they promsied the fees is refundable, so they have to eat their word. So my cousin told her the money must refund because it’s not their problem, what they want is the money back. After long arguement, the marketing person came out a statement saying that “Actually in our college policy, Registration Fees cannot be refund.” So?????

My cousin and friend felt cheated and ask for my help to ring them up, get back the registration fees. I called up the marketing person, and she told me the same thing, she said the “registration fees” cannot be refund, but it can be transfer to other student who are interested to register a course with the college. Well, I said she has promised earlier the fees can be refund, so she has to eat her word and process the refund. Then she replied me with the same answer, “Our college policy is, the registration fees cannot be refund to the registrant.” I continue bla bla bla with her and the supervisor, end up with the result, No Refund!

So people, beware!!! A lot of Malaysia colleges “sometime” giving misleading information. I suggest you bring recorder there when enquiry the course 😉

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I’m from the college. But not the PJ side. From KL branch.

As far as I know, since I’m there for 2 years plus, to my understanding, registration fees are not refundable and there’s no such thing as deadline for scholarship awards.

Guess the sale person is trying to get in ppl under her. I mean, for commission purposes?

yea.. sometimes sale person can’t be trust.. before u commited to them, only one word from their fscking mouth which is “Yes” watever u ask for or enquiry bout .. they’ll only give u YES>. but after u paid or tied up.. they’ll start saying NO to u .. i came across tis type of experience a few times..
i do really hate that sales person. go complain!! it’s not about money.. it’s about got cheated.

Yes, usually registration fees for all colleges and universities are not refundable, it’s clearly stated in their policy.


The problem is, she herself promised that the college will refund the money when your cousin requested so, by sending this and that official letter to their college. So?

Obviously she is trying to cheat students by making empty promise to pay for the registration fees. Maybe to gain extra commission?

I pity the college for employing such counsellor, she is at fault, but the college is not. Still, I think, you should report, not for the money, but at least make her realise that she has to be responsible for her own words and actions, and as a teaching to others as well.

The sale person by her own initiative, promised a refund where there isnt one.
the sale person’s fault

Paul called the supervisor, but supervisor repeat the same story without giving any solution.
Now, the college shares responsibility for failing to solve a problem caused by their employee.

Pendek kata, do as Jason reccmmended

First, go and question the sale person why is there an offer and deadline existed in the first place? Is this Mega Sales or pasar malam bargaining business? 2nd, question her is she comparing education and business? If she says yes, congratulate her for working in the college because that’s the only place taking in retards like her as an employee and tell her you are going to thank god by hosting a gala dinner just because you or your cousin or anybody you know do not study there. 3rd, ask her to F.O! *grins*

no point in complaining la Paul, treat it as a lesson, complain? report? proof ni? eveidence ni? Your cousin got record the conversation between the sale person and him meh?

tiok bo… just forget about the rm120 and move on with life…

Nowadays everything is realy just about business~~

I know one coll, last time when the student enrolled, they promise to give everyone a digital camera, but ended up, haha, only few person get it, luckly is a cheap camera(BenQ), but still, not good for being cheated.
Well, 2 years later, one day, one of the student’s father cannot take it anymore(especially the starting of every sem when the admin call to ask for school fees), hehe, he throw the “camera incident” back to the admin face kao kao, haha, no choice, ended up the admin have to “die die” buy a digital camera to settle it(sumore is a better digital camera 😛 )

Dear King, i know who u mentioned about~~! Nowadays college is like a business company more than an education centre haih ~!~!

Although I know they won’t really take action of what if you report, cause you don’t have concrete evidence or proof to support you. But, should we really just let it go like this? Perhaps we should accept this cruel fact as a Malaysian. Compensation culture is not really running well here, only maybe perhaps rasuah culture. LOL.

2 ways to solve this problem,
1. let it be and move on.
2. make it harsh and demand justice until your request fulfilled.

how to do it, well.
you need to have time (to demand justice)
go to their office everyday,
whenever a person wanna join their college, block them and talk to them.

currently, in malaysia, “this is the only way” to demand justice!!!

well, make sure your cousin got a receipt stated that he paid RM 50 already…. if no receipt. then.. well… … … ^^’

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